8 Ways to Fry, Grill, and Sear Halloumi, the Hottest Cheese of Summer

8 Ways to Fry, Grill, and Sear Halloumi, the Hottest Cheese of Summer

Firm and salty, Halloumi cheese is best when cooked and can stand up to countless preparations, from grilling to frying. This white cheese originated on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, and is  traditionally made with sheep’s milk, though you’ll also find cow’s and goat’s milk versions, or ones that are made with a combination. 

Halloumi is extremely popular in Europe, particularly in the U.K., where it’s the number-one imported cheese. Although most of the Halloumi in the U.S. is also imported, there are a few American producers like Yaya’s Cheese in Boise, Idaho. 

Halloumi has a salty and milky flavor, somewhat like feta — but it may be most well-known for its high melting point and ability to hold its shape when grilled or seared. “It develops a beautiful caramelized outer crust and a squishy, squeaky interior,” says cookbook author and former F&W restaurant editor Khushbu Shah. 

“This unique texture makes it incredibly versatile. Grilled Halloumi cubes, which act as salty ‘croutons,’ are my favorite way to elevate any salad,” says Shah. “They are also satisfying threaded onto skewers with vegetables, and they make a great filling for tacos or a topping for focaccia. Or cut the cheese into slabs, then cook them and stuff them into a sandwich — Halloumi works particularly well in a vegetarian riff on a BLT or seared with hot honey for Mediterranean-inspired Hot Honey Halloumi Sliders.” 

Read on for more ideas on how to use this versatile cheese. 

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Grilled Halloumi Burgers with Citrus Tapenade

Grilled Halloumi Burger with Citrus Tapenade

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