AIQAR teams up with EV Energy Tech to provide free fast charging stations

AIQAR teams up with EV Energy Tech to provide free fast charging stations

AIQAR, an electric vehicles (EVs) distributor has collaborated with EV Energy Tech to provide free fast charging facilities for the whole year aimed at accelerating the adoption of electric transport over internal combustion engine vehicles signalling a promising future for the EV industry in the Kingdom.

This happened yesterday as AIQAR launched its fast charging station in the Sen Sok district in partnership with EV Energy Tech, announcing a full year of complimentary charging for all AIQAR owners nationwide.

The initiative underscores AIQAR’s commitment to bolstering the government’s EV policy by expanding access for electric vehicle owners and establishing additional charging stations, available at all upcoming AIQAR showrooms.

The government has introduced various policies, action plans and tangible initiatives to cultivate a thriving market for EVs. This progress has been facilitated by the Ministry of Environment’s establishment of the battery reprocessing and recycling rule in 2016, along with recent reductions in import duties on four-wheeler electric vehicles to encourage the adoption of electric transport over internal combustion engine vehicles.

Vincent Chung, Head of International Business & Strategic Projects at Cornerstone Technologies said, “Today marks a significant milestone in Cambodia’s electric vehicle infrastructure as AIQAR, in collaboration with EV Energy Tech, unveils the first fast charger at its Sen Sok showroom, accompanied by EV Energy Tech’s fifth 60kW DC fast charging pile in the country.”

The Cornerstone Technologies charger is fully automated and seamlessly operated via the user-friendly EV Technology application which is currently operational in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. “Each 60 kW fast charger features dual connectors, allowing simultaneous charging for two electric vehicles, with a remarkable capability to charge a vehicle in just 30 minutes, providing an impressive range of over 180 kilometres,” he added.

Sergei Bakulin, CEO of AIQAR said that the strategic alliance between AIQAR and EV Energy Tech is primed to revolutionize Cambodia’s electric vehicle landscape, with plans to substantially enhance the country’s EV infrastructure by 2024.

Concurrently, AIQAR is actively expanding its dealer network in key provinces across the Kingdom — with two more showrooms coming in Q2 in Siem Reap and Battambang — working closely with EV Energy Tech to facilitate the installation of fast chargers across all locations, with the launch in the Sen Sok district being the first step, he added.

Liu Dehui, CEO of EV Energy Tech confirmed that the company plans to deploy 10 additional 60 kW fast chargers in high-traffic locations such as shopping areas, petroleum stations, and national routes in the second quarter of 2024, with all contracts already secured.

This joint initiative aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Cambodia, aligning with the corporate mission of both entities, making EV charging accessible.

The collaborative efforts between AIQAR and EV Energy Tech signal a promising future for electric vehicles in Cambodia, driving towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. khmertimeskh

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