Angkor Equinox to happen next week

Angkor Equinox to happen next week

Equinox, a natural phenomenon when the sun rises over the central tower of the Angkor Wat Temple in Siem Reap province, will happen on Mar. 21.

The information was shared by the APSARA National Authority in a news release on Mar. 14, adding that this event is linked with the architecture of the great Angkor Wat in the Khmer history.

According to the same source, this amazing event at Angkor Wat always attracts thousands of national and international tourists who want to see and capture this great moment as a souvenir.

The equinox is the time when day and night are approximately equal in length, unlike some normal months when the night is longer than the day or the day is longer than the night.

The equinox at Angkor Wat is not a coincidence, it is a feature of the Khmer ancestors who prepared the architecture of the temple in advance, with the intention of adjusting the natural phenomena for Angkor Wat to create an event of the sunrise at the top of temple.

This special sunrise event occurs twice a year, in March (Spring or Vernal Equinox) and in September (Autumn Equinox).AKP

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