Angkor Wat to Host Majestic Sunrise Event on March 21

Angkor Wat to Host Majestic Sunrise Event on March 21

Phnom Penh, March 14, 2024: An eagerly awaited celestial spectacle is poised to transfix both national and international tourists at Angkor Wat on March 21, 2024. This annual event, drawing thousands to Siem Reap, promises a breathtaking moment as the sun ascends directly over the central tower of the iconic temple.

Mr. Im Sokrithy, an archaeologist and Director of Research, Training, and Dissemination Department at the APSARA Authority, has confirmed that the equinox event will illuminate Angkor Wat’s central tower not only once but twice this year – first on March 21 and again in September.

Unlike typical equinoxes observed globally, the phenomenon at Angkor Wat is meticulously aligned with the temple’s architectural design. This alignment, a testament to the Khmer ancestors’ advanced astronomical knowledge and architectural brilliance, ensures a perfect sunrise atop the temple’s central spire during the equinoxes, symbolizing the harmony between celestial movements and human ingenuity.

Mr. Sokrithy emphasized Angkor Wat’s exceptional nature, highlighting its unmatched precise solar alignment among ancient monuments worldwide. The intentional orientation and design of the temple underscore the profound connection between the Khmer Empire and celestial phenomena, with King Suryavarman II’s name, meaning ‘one who is protected by the sun,’ further emphasizing its cosmic significance.

Rooted in ancient Khmer tradition, the Equinox signifies a time of balance and celebration, offering visitors a unique opportunity to witness the interplay of architecture and astronomy that stands as a testament to the Khmer Empire’s legacy.

Tourists worldwide are invited to experience this extraordinary event, promising a memorable moment that encapsulates the essence of Cambodian heritage and the ingenuity of its ancestors. The Equinox, occurring twice annually during the dry and autumn seasons in March and September, presents a splendid spectacle not to be missed. eacnews

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