Applications open for Cyprus Exports Award

Applications open for Cyprus Exports Award

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Applications open for Cyprus Exports Award

By Kyriacos NicolaouApril 3, 20240 Comments138SHARE0

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The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Keve) in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, and Industry this week announced the start of applications for the latest edition of the Cyprus Exports Award.

“The Cyprus Exports Award was launched in 1982 to recognise and reward exceptional efforts in increasing the exports of Cypriot industrial and agricultural products and services,” the chamber said in its announcement.

“Over its 42-year history, the award has recognised numerous companies across the spectrum of export trade, which have greatly benefited from using the Award for promotional purposes, especially abroad,” it added.

The awards set to be given encompass recognition in various categories. Two awards will be awarded for industrial products, each honouring excellence in a distinct sector.

Additionally, there will be one award dedicated to agricultural products, and a special award designated for exceptional achievements in the industrial products category.

Furthermore, there will be five awards for services, spanning across different sectors. These include recognition for businesses in the financial services domain, achievements from enterprises in the maritime transport and commercial shipping sector, and contributions from businesses in the tourist services industry.

It also includes contributions from businesses in the telecommunications, information, and informatics sector, as well as a general service award encompassing businesses from a number of different sectors, including education and healthcare, among others.

The deadline for submitting applications is set for Friday, May 31, 2024. Eligible applicants include exporters of Industrial, Agricultural Products, and Services, provided they meet the requisite criteria. Cyprus Mail

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