ASEAN publishes guide on AI governance

ASEAN publishes guide on AI governance

SINGAPORE – The publication of a guide for

artificial intelligence governance by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations is in line with the group’s goal to establish policies and guidance that can promote technologies in a ‘responsible and secure manner,’ which can contribute significantly to global AI discussion, analysts say.

The two-day 4th ASEAN Digital Ministers Meeting in Singapore concluded on Friday and unveiled the ASEAN Guide on AI Governance and Ethics, saying it will serve as a “practical and implementable tool” to support the deployment of AI solutions in the region.

The guide includes national and regional recommendations that member countries can consider in deploying AI systems for its diverse and tech-savvy population.

Josephine Teo, communications and information minister of Singapore and rotating chair of the ministerial meeting, said the current wave of digital technology has the potential to sow distrust.

“Misinformation and disinformation can be supercharged with deepfakes generated by AI. All governments will be challenged to ensure that digital developments are built upon a strong foundation of trust,” Teo said.

The guide arrives amid global debate about how to set up guardrails that will ensure that this emerging technology will remain safe and ethical.

Kan Min Yen, an associate professor of the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing, said ASEAN is a “critical region” for AI governance because it will benefit from “appropriate AI penetration and rollout”.

“Current AI systems are trained on data mostly unrepresentative of ASEAN citizens, local languages, and cultural norms are not well represented in data used for AI system training. Credit From Khmertimeskh

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