Cambodia earns $65 million from rice exports

Cambodia earns $65 million from rice exports

Cambodia exported 90,153 tonnes of milled rice to international markets in the first two months of 2024, a decline of 7.2 percent from 97,153 tonnes during the same period last year, according to a report from the Cambodia Rice Federation.

The country earned $65.4 million from the rice export during the January-February period, a year-on-year decrease of 9.9 percent, the report said.

The Kingdom’s rice was shipped to 50 countries and regions around the world by 40 exporters, stated the report. Exported rice varieties included premium aromatic rice, fragrant rice, long-grain white rice, parboiled rice and organic rice.

Cambodia exported 51,333 tonnes of milled rice worth $38.37 million to the EU market, 18,753 tonnes to ASEAN member countries, generating a revenue of $13.36 million, 11,083 tonnes to China, earning $6.81 million and 8,984 tonnes to other destinations, fetching $6.90 million, the report pointed out.

The Kingdom also earned $395 million in revenue from the exports of 1.37 million tonnes of paddy rice during the two months.

In 2023, Cambodia exported more than 656,000 tonnes of milled rice worth $466 million, marking a three percent growth in volume and 13 percent in value compared with 2022.

The Cambodia Rice Federation has set an ambitious target to export at least a million tonnes of milled rice by 2025.

Minister of Commerce Cham Nimul said recently that Cambodia is seeking new markets for its rice, mainly targeting countries that have free trade agreements with the Kingdom.

“The Ministry of Commerce is working to promote and open up markets for our milled rice through the Cambodia-China Free Trade Agreement, the Cambodia-Korea Free Trade Agreement, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, and the Cambodia-United

Arab Emirates Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement,” she said at the ministry’s annual conference. khmertimeskh

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