Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam trade fair kicks off in Laos

Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam trade fair kicks off in Laos

The Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam (CLV) Trade, Investment and Tourism Fair, taking place in Laos’ southern Attapeu province from Monday to Friday, got off to a fun start with a colourful concert that portrayed the artistic talents of the three countries.

The fair aims to bolster cooperation in trade, investment and tourism in the Development Triangle Area, broaden opportunities to find markets for products, and for participants to form business and trade partnerships, Lao National Radio reported on Thursday.

In addition, the event serves to strengthen cooperation and cultural exchange among the three countries.

The event features 118 booths from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The fair showcases locally-made goods exhibited by producer groups and agricultural product processors, as well as handicrafts made by local people, with the aim of improving product quality within the CLV development triangle.

The products on display mostly come from the agriculture, industry, finance and banking sectors.Xinhua

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