Cambodia reveals a 10-year Transit and Logistics Master Plan (2023-2033) after 5 years of groundwork

Cambodia reveals a 10-year Transit and Logistics Master Plan (2023-2033) after 5 years of groundwork

After 5 years pf diligent preparation, Cambodia has

now prepared a roadmap for building a cellular transportation and logistics system to support business.

The master plan for Cambodia’s transportation and logistics system also involved the study and preparation of Japan’s JICA, the World Bank and Chinese companies.

The “Comprehensive Master Plan on the Cambodian Transit and Logistics System 2023-20 33” has a vision to further improve and develop the transportation system and logistics with a focus on promoting infrastructure construction.

Physical and non-physical alliances towards the development of interconnected transportation systems with high connectivity and interconnection, both within the country and with the region, will continue to contribute to the promotion and support of national economic growth, as well as meeting sustainable and environmental socio-economic needs.

The master plan has four main goals, including:
(1) expanding and improving the scope and capacity of the transport infrastructure system,
(2) improving efficiency. The effectiveness and efficiency of transport services and infrastructure,
(3) promote and improve transport infrastructure to support national development policies, and
(4) strengthen service efficiency and logistics costs.

The master plan identifies 174 priority projects, including 94 road projects, 8 railway projects, 23 river transport projects, 20 sea transport projects and 20 air transport projects.

There are 10 logistics projects, 15 projects and 4 additional projects.

These projects include projects connecting one mode of transportation to other means of transportation and to logistics centers, as well as 90 short- and medium-term projects and a number of long-term projects. 91 projects.

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