Cambodia welcomes all foreign investors, not only from China (VIDEO)

Cambodia welcomes all foreign investors, not only from China (VIDEO)

The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Dr. Hun Manet, has announced that he has welcomed foreign investors from every country, not just China.

The announcement was made by Dr. Hun Manet during the premier and First Lady’s meeting with Cambodians in Australia and New Zealand on March 3, 2024.

“Some people said that Cambodia is only attracting investment from China or one specific country. I denied. We attract [investments] from every country and welcome everyone. I cannot ensure that I met 100 (companies) and all of them will come. If I met 100 and one or two of them come, that is also considered a success. Next time, I will meet more and attract more,” the premier underscored.

Dr. Hun Manet continued that in the past six months, the macroeconomic stability has improved. In the past, there were concerns about whether the new government could lead the nation or not.

The premier continued that since the new Royal Government took office, it has ensured administrative sustainability. Both national and sub-national levels can function warmly. He added that during these six months, Cambodia received 172 investment projects, both domestic and foreign, with an investment capital of nearly $4 billion.

Premier Hun Manet added that those projects will create 190,000 jobs for the citizens. Dr Hun Manet also unveiled that an interested Chinese project, worth more than $1 billion, wanted to invest in establishing a tire manufacturing plant in Cambodia. Fresh News

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