CAPSBOLD designates €15,000 in marketing services for ReflectX competition’s top three startups

CAPSBOLD designates €15,000 in marketing services for ReflectX competition’s top three startups

Reflect Festival, the premier tech & entrepreneurship event is back in Limassol for its 7th edition on May 30-31, hosted at Kolla Factory.

As part of this event, ReflectX offers a dedicated startup program supporting ventures from Seed to Series A, providing unparalleled access, connections, and visibility.

This year, CAPSBOLD joins as Reflect Festival’s official marketing and creative partner, extending its support to ReflectX as a marketing sponsor.

CAPSBOLD’s Contribution

CAPSBOLD is happy to share its sponsorship and collaboration with ReflectX, supporting inventive startup endeavors. Acknowledging the crucial importance of marketing in business, CAPSBOLD has committed to providing three prizes worth a total of 15,000 euros in marketing services.

The prize breakdown reflects CAPSBOLD’s commitment to supporting startups of all levels:

– The winner will receive a substantial sum of 10,000 euros, providing them with a significant boost to their marketing efforts.

– Second place will be awarded 3,000 euros, offering a valuable injection of funds to support their marketing activities.

– Third place will receive 2,000 euros, aimed at assisting them in amplifying their marketing initiatives.

The top three startups will be provided with personalized marketing services, covering essential areas such as go-to-market strategy, brand strategy, identity building, graphic design, 3D graphics, illustrations, photo and video production, and creative website concepts. These services will be customized to meet the unique needs of each startup and their voucher type.

CAPSBOLD: Your Strategic Creative Partner

Through ReflectX, startups obtain entry to a platform that nurtures technological advancement and facilitates connections with investors and industry professionals. Participating ventures have the opportunity to interact with a worldwide network of investors, mentors, and entrepreneurs, refining their ideas and improving their communication abilities.

Key Dates:

– April 30th: Application deadline

– May 5th: Announcement of finalists

– May 13th and 14th: Online mentoring sessions

– May 30th: Semifinalists showcase

– May 31st: ReflectX finals

About CAPSBOLD Marketing Agency

CAPSBOLD is a global creative marketing agency known for its 3D videos and collaborations with prominent projects such as Beonix, ETKO events, Azul by Kesh, and Reflect Festival and others. Offering diverse services ranging from product concepts to advertisement and production campaigns, CAPSBOLD helps clients establish a market presence and promote campaigns globally.

Spotlight your startup at ReflectX 2024 and leverage CAPSBOLD’s expertise in attention marketing and creative campaigns.

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