CBC governor promotes digital financial literacy [video]

CBC governor promotes digital financial literacy [video]

Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) governor Constantinos Herodotou on Thursday utilised the second educational video by the CBC to emphasise the vital importance of digital financial literacy in today’s digital age.

According to the CBC, these videos are integral to a larger initiative aimed at improving financial literacy throughout Cyprus, with a particular focus on educating the youth.

Moreover, in these educational videos, Herodotou expressed the substantial benefits that digital financial literacy brings to people’s daily lives.

He pointed out that it equips individuals with the necessary tools to make well-informed and practical decisions about managing our finances.

Moreover, he stressed that understanding and applying careful measures during digital transactions is crucial.

This involves protecting personal information and passwords, as well as engaging with reputable websites and apps from authorised providers.

By prioritising these safety steps, individuals can significantly reduce the risks associated with online financial activities and information sharing.

In recognition of the annual Global Money Week 2024, an initiative coordinated by the CBC for Cyprus, there was a concerted effort to enhance public awareness, particularly among the youth, regarding the importance of financial literacy.

To this end, the CBC undertook the creation of educational videos. These materials were thoroughly crafted to align with this year’s theme, “Protect your money, secure your future.” Cyprus Mail

The video can be viewed below:

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