CDC meet chalks out roadmap plan for automotive, electronic sectors

CDC meet chalks out roadmap plan for automotive, electronic sectors

The Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) recently organised a meeting to draft a roadmap and form an advisory council for the effective development of the automotive and electronic sectors in the Kingdom.

Nut-Un Vaoanra, Deputy Secretary General of the Cambodian Investment Board (CIB) of CDC presided over the technical inter-ministerial meeting to establish the official roadmap and form an advisory council for the development of the automotive and electronics sectors in Phnom Penh on May 28.

During the meeting, the Deputy Secretary-General highlighted the background of the official roadmap. “The roadmap has identified three levels of institutional mechanisms for promoting the successful implementation of the project including the executive committee, the resolution committee as well as the automotive and electronics acceleration team,” he said.

Vaoanra appreciated the participation from the workgroups and their comments which will serve as the key contribution to successfully drafting these important master plans to be more comprehensive.

According to a statement from CDC, the meeting also provided suggestions to further improve two draft resolutions, in particular on the legal aspects, structure and content of each document.

The meeting was attended by representatives from relevant ministries and institutions including stockholders, the secretary of state, undersecretary of state, with a total of 40 participants.

Meanwhile, Cambodia is also making efforts to formulate a policy for the electric vehicle sector. “Within the clean energy space, the EV sector has tremendous potential for creating new green jobs for thousands of Cambodian youths. However, those jobs, such as EV mechanics or engineers, will require new skills and adequate training facilities to meet the quality and safety requirements of the EV industry,” Natharoun Ngo Son, Country Director of EnergyLab told Khmer Times recently.

He said, “Currently, a few international development actors are creating programmes to provide the particular skills and training required by the EV industry. Let’s be ambitious. Building on this initiative could put Cambodia on the road to full EV production and manufacturing in the near future.”

It may be recalled that in December last year, the General Department of Land Transport of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) approved the ‘Roadmap for the Development of an EV Charging Stations Network in Cambodia’.

The road map is a vital guide for future transportation as it outlines a clear master plan to create a reliable EV charging network across the country, paving the way for clear and more efficient transportation.(khmertimeskh)

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