Celebrating Women in Tech: trailblazers shaping Cyprus business horizon

Celebrating Women in Tech: trailblazers shaping Cyprus business horizon

Women leaders are redefining what it means to steer enterprises successfully with compassion, ethics and respect

By spotlighting the accomplishments of women in the sector and showcasing a variety of role models, media coverage can motivate young girls and women to pursue technology careers and believe in their potential

In Cyprus, a remarkable transformation is unfolding in the business sphere, driven by a group of dynamic women whose innovative leadership styles are reshaping not just the corporate landscape but also the workplace culture. By championing values such as compassion, ethics and respect, these leaders are redefining what it means to steer enterprises successfully.

Over the past 30 years, women in Cyprus have not only equalled but also surpassed men in higher education, with women securing 57.4 per cent of all degrees awarded in STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields in 2022. This achievement in education is mirrored in the workforce, where women constitute 46.8 per cent of employees. However, women hold only 25 per cent of tech-related positions, mirroring a global trend of female underrepresentation in technology roles.

Cyprus has made notable strides towards gender equality, reducing the gender pay gap to 9.7 per cent, below the EU average of 12.7 per cent. Yet, despite these advancements, challenges remain, especially in promoting women to leadership roles within the tech sector, where women occupy only 19 per cent of senior management positions.

The tech industry, traditionally dominated by men, is witnessing a gradual transformation as more women enter and excel across various specialities. Women now fill 30.9 per cent of new tech roles, up from 29 per cent the previous year. Their involvement is not only spurring innovation but also fostering diverse and inclusive work environments that enhance organisational performance and creativity by integrating a broader range of perspectives.

Gender bias, however, continues to affect hiring practices, workplace culture and advancement opportunities. Many women have overcome these barriers, emerging as pioneers and role models for the next generation. Initiatives such as mentorship programmes, networking groups and targeted scholarships are proving crucial in supporting women throughout their tech careers.

An emphasis on STEM education From an early age is essential for bridging the gender gap in tech. Encouraging young girls to engage in these fields, providing them with necessary resources and highlighting successful female role models are strategies that build a strong pipeline of future women tech leaders. Engaging young women in coding, robotics and other tech-related activities from an early stage is vital for sparking interest and building foundational skills.

Moreover, there is a growing recognition in Cyprus of the need to nurture women in tech through educational and professional development. Workshops, boot camps and tailored training sessions are increasingly prevalent, aiming not just to fill quotas but to unlock a reservoir of talent that can drive innovation and economic prosperity.

Achieving true gender parity in tech requires a cultural shift within companies to prioritise diversity as a core value. Implementing policies that support work-life balance, such as flexible working hours and parental leave and cultivating a discrimination-free workplace are crucial steps forward.

Leadership on gender equality must be visible and active, involving both men and women in senior positions who champion inclusive practices and recognise women’s contributions. This top-down approach is indispensable in creating an environment where women feel valued and empowered.

The media also plays a critical role in shaping perceptions and dismantling stereotypes about women in tech. By spotlighting the accomplishments of women in the sector and showcasing a variety of role models, media coverage can motivate young girls and women to pursue technology careers and believe in their potential.

As the tech industry evolves with emerging fields like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and blockchain, women are poised to play an influential role. Their unique perspectives and problem-solving capabilities are invaluable in driving the industry forward. For instance, the Cypriot Women in Digital Strategy, a government-backed initiative, focuses on increasing female participation in digital roles through scholarships, coding boot camps and networking opportunities, in collaboration with universities and tech companies.

Success stories, such as those of Eftychia Frangeskou and Kyriaki Michailidou, not only demonstrate the breakthroughs women have made but also underscore the importance of perseverance, continuous learning and supportive professional networks.

Elevating women in tech is not merely about equity; it’s a strategic imperative that unlocks untapped potential and fuels progress, shaping a world where technology meets everyone’s needs and aspirations. As Cyprus continues to advance gender equality, the focus must remain steadfast on empowering women in tech to cultivate a sustainable and prosperous industry. This commitment is crucial as Cyprus stands poised to lead by example, setting a standard for others to follow. The journey is ongoing and the destination – a vibrant, equitable and innovative tech landscape—is within reach.

Furthermore, Cyprus’ involvement in European Union programmes and global tech conferences is enhancing the visibility and impact of Cypriot women in tech on the international stage. These platforms not only boost individual careers but also elevate the country’s profile in the global tech community.

Indeed, the future looks promising for women in tech in Cyprus, but it hinges on sustained commitment and action from all sectors of society. By fostering an inclusive and supportive culture, Cyprus can ensure that women are not just participants in the tech revolution but are leading it. The next generation of women in tech is set to build on today’s foundations, driving forward an era of unprecedented innovation and equality. 

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