Chamber of Commerce tightens relationship with Cyprus Bank Association

Chamber of Commerce tightens relationship with Cyprus Bank Association

The Cyprus Chamber

of Commerce and Industry (Keve) and the Cyprus Bank Association this week reached a preliminary agreement to collaborate on joint initiatives and public outreach concerning matters of mutual interest.

This accord was established during a meeting between the new President of Keve, Stavros Stavrou, and the President of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Bank Association, Panikos Nicolaou, in the presence of members from the Executive Committees of both organisations.

According to a statement by Keve, the meeting, initiated by the President of Keve to facilitate discussions, reviews, and substantive analysis of current economic issues and development prospects, took place at the central offices of Keve in Nicosia.

The two organisations also agreed that their communication should be institutionalised and systematised.

The statement from Keve notes that “common ground and alignment of views were identified on a range of issues related to the role of the banking sector in the Cypriot economy, the need to enhance the country’s competitiveness, and improve its international reputation.”

During the meeting, an in-depth analysis of economic conditions was conducted in light of successive crises and geopolitical developments in the international environment, and how these factors impact Cyprus’s economy.

It was collectively acknowledged, as reported by Keve, “that the resilience of the Cypriot economy is proven to be significant, and based on this fact, the prospects of the Cypriot economy should be expanded collectively”.

The chamber added that “priorities in the developmental agenda include the green and digital transitions, strengthening productivity, and optimising the cost of businesses with a focus on stability in the economy, the banking sector, and societal welfare”.

The announcement further stated that “the two organisations committed to developing and proposing joint actions for immediate implementation while concurrently establishing a schedule for regular and substantive communication”. Credit from: Cyprus Mail

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