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According to a report released by the Cyprus Statistical Service (Cystat), there was a 0.6 per cent year-on-year rise in the Home Price Index (HPI) during the third quarter of 2023.

As detailed the report, indicated a subtle uptick of 0.6 per cent when compared to the corresponding quarter in 2022.

Based on the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) data, it is evident that the index stands at 110.65 units for the third quarter of 2023. In comparison to the preceding quarter, the CPI showed a 0.4 per cent increase. Furthermore, when contrasted with the same quarter in 2022, the CPI registered a 0.6 per cent rise, unveiling insights into the inflationary trends during this period. The findings from Cystat’s report offer a comprehensive overview of economic indicators, providing valuable information on home prices and consumer inflation in Cyprus.

On Wednesday, January 10, the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) experienced an increase in its stock market. The General Index of the CSE concluded at 137.04 points, marking a notable increase of +0.49 per cent.

The FTSE/CySE 20 Index closed at 83.2 points, reflecting a gain of 0.51 per cent.

Specifically, the Bank of Cyprus shares concluding at €3.44 and registering gains of 0.58 per cent. Meanwhile, the Hellenic Bank share is without any significant change.

Salamis closing with an increase of  2.35%, accompanied by a turnover of €6.8 thousand.

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