Cyprus-Cambodia Business Association

Cyprus-Cambodia Business Association

Cyprus-Cambodia Business Association established to boost Cyprus-Cambodia ties

Cyprus-Cambodia Business Association will operate under the auspices with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Offices of the Association are in Nicosia at the offices of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Board of Directors meetings will be held either in Nicosia, or in Larnaca at the respective district Chamber.

The President of the Cyprus-Cambodia Business Association will hold a permanent position on the Board of Directors of the Cyprus East and South East Asia Business Association and will enjoy full rights as stated in section IV “Administration and Representation”.

The aims of the Association are:

• To promote, expand and encourage economic, financial, banking, trade and touristic relations between Cyprus and Cambodia.

• To establish economic of any nature but also social interaction between Cypriot and Cambodia businesspeople and professionals.

• To encourage “networking” for the promotion and stimulation of business relations and investments in the two countries.

• To organise meetings with officials of the two countries with a view to safeguarding the smooth operation and flow of trade between the two countries but also to propose ways for the further improvement of the business and economic relations.

• To create and maintain on a regular basis communication between the business communities and politicians of the two countries.

• To develop various ways for enhancing cooperation between Cambodian and Cypriot businessmen including close relationship with the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce.

• To present to the Cambodian market the dynamic aspects of the Cyprus economy, with emphasis on the opportunities for International and Cambodian companies to invest and trade not only with Cyprus but also via Cyprus to the E.U, Middle East, Europe, Asia and so on.

• To help promote the activities of entrepreneurs from the two countries

• To encourage cooperation between universities, medical and research centres and business of both countries, particularly in the area of innovation new technology and health.

• To promote the prospects of investing in the Cambodian market to the Cypriot business community, and provide assistance and information in order to facilitate such investments.

• To inform Cypriot and Cambodian businesspeople and professionals of the availability of resources that will help them to locate products, services and business partners and advise them on how best to introduce and promote their companies in the markets of both countries but also the wider European Union.

• To organise events for the implementation of the above in close cooperation with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Cambodian Chamber Commerce, and any relevant ministry and/or state office.

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