Cyprus Chief Scientist visits Medicover Genetics, praises innovative approach

Cyprus Chief Scientist visits Medicover Genetics, praises innovative approach

The Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation and Technology, Demetris Skourides, visited Medicover Genetics Cyprus’ laboratories in Nicosia on April 30.

He was hosted by Executive Director Professor Philippos Patsalis and toured the facilities, engaging in a productive discussion about the biotechnology company’s groundbreaking work.

During their meeting, Skourides expressed his deep appreciation for the opportunity to learn firsthand about Medicover Genetics Cyprus’ approach to scientific advancement. The conversation centered on the company’s successful journey, which began with applied research and culminated in the successful commercialization of innovative products that directly address real-world clinical needs for patients around the world.

Skourides was particularly intrigued by Medicover Genetics Cyprus’ three-pronged strategy, which explains its success.

First, the Medicover Genetics Cyprus team focuses on research excellence that lays the groundwork for scientific advancements and the development of innovative services.

Second, prioritising the building of strategic partnerships with technologically advanced countries in the European Union, Middle East, and Asia, by providing local labs with Medicover Genetics’ proprietary technology platform via technology transfer, allows the company to efficiently scale its services to meet local and global demand and grow.

Finally, the company remains at the forefront of technological advancements, utilising machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud-based supercomputing, and open robotics across its entire operations while adhering to multiple Standards for quality and security.

This powerful combination facilitates faster, more accurate results, benefiting both customers through exceptional service and Medicover Genetics’ scientific and operational teams. The continuous influx of new data insights allows for ongoing improvement, ensuring the company’s proprietary technology and diagnostic genetic solutions remain competitive across markets.

During his visit, the Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation and Technology, Dimitris Skourides also met with Medicover Genetics Cyprus’ team leaders, researchers, lab specialists and data analysts. He gained insights into the scientific process, data analysis tools, and the programming driving their robotics automation. Additionally, he discussed the company’s business model and the use of machine learning for model optimisation with Operations Director Dr. Marios Ioannides.

Skourides commended the strong scientific team, recognising them as the driving force behind the company’s success. He echoed Professor Patsalis’ vision for nurturing a thriving hub of Cypriot scientists. With over 200 patents, Medicover Genetics Cyprus exemplifies the nation’s scientific potential. Their commitment aligns perfectly with the national research and innovation strategy (2024-2026), which prioritises health research, internationalization, and commercialisation. Skourides further remarked on the company’s ability to “converge and leverage research, undertake new product development, and continuously refine its business model, all while prioritising innovation and excellence.”

Professor Patsalis emphasised Medicover Genetics Cyprus’ continuous investment in talent and R&D, fostering high-performing teams, an agile innovation ecosystem, and a robust business model focused on delivering exceptional and scalable genetic testing solutions. He further highlighted the significance of the Chief Scientist’s visit as a demonstration of the state’s interest in organisations like Medicover Genetics Cyprus.

Professor Patsalis stated Medicover Genetics’ scientific work positions Cyprus on the global map of research and innovation while generating significant benefits for the Cypriot economy and

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