Cyprus Hospitality Awards honour tourism standouts

Cyprus Hospitality Awards honour tourism standouts

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism and the Cyprus Hospitality Association this week held the Cyprus Hospitality Awards, an event that sought to honour exceptional people and businesses from the tourism and hospitality sectors.

The event, which was held in Limassol on Thursday evening, was attended by Deputy Minister of Tourism Kostas Koumis, who highlighted the ongoing efforts to internationalise Cypriot gastronomy.

In his opening remarks, Koumis emphasised that “the Cyprus Hospitality Awards are a unique opportunity to reward creativity, professional dedication, pioneering, and the love of people for providing excellent hospitality, a value that remains steadfast and unchanged since ancient times.”

Additionally, he noted that hospitality is a symbol of the Greek Cypriots, and the word “kopiaste” embodies the warm invitation to host a stranger with love and to share with them the bounty of our table. Nowadays, this tradition of hospitality has evolved into a core value of tourism, seamlessly integrating into the very fabric of Cypriot culture.

Furthermore, “The institution of the Cyprus Hospitality Awards recognises and rewards those active across the broad spectrum of tourism and hospitality. Their achievements and efforts deserve our recognition, love, appreciation, and respect,” he added, highlighting the importance of their contributions.

He also pointed out the intrinsic link between hospitality and gastronomy, mentioning that Cypriot cuisine is evolving and competing with the cuisines of other countries. He extended his congratulations to the national teams of Cyprus at the Culinary Olympics, held in Stuttgart, Germany, between February 2 and 7, securing two silver and two bronze medals.

These successes, he continued, are a testament to the dynamism of the country’s gastronomy and underscore the Deputy Ministry of Tourism’s commitment to internationalising Cypriot gastronomy. He reminded the audience that next October, Cyprus will host the regional European conference of the World Tourism Organisation dedicated to gastronomy, alongside planning a series of other actions, further amplifying the island’s gastronomic profile on the international stage.

Koumis also highlighted that the “Cyprus Hospitality Awards 2024” honours another treasure of Cyprus, Commandaria wine, “which is a symbol of hospitality, offering every taste a rich experience and a journey through the culture and history of Cyprus”.

This year is particularly important for Commandaria, as it marks 800 years since the great event of its awarding the first prize in the International Wine Competition ‘La Bataille des Vins’, held in 1224, under the high patronage of King Philip of France,” the minister explained.

In light of this event and on the initiative of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, 2024 is declared the “Year of Gastronomy and Commandaria,” and a series of promotion actions are planned.

The ultimate goal of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, Koumis noted, “is the internationalisation of Cypriot gastronomy and local wines, including the commandaria, with their unique aromas, flavours, and rich history.”

The Deputy Minister of Tourism also congratulated the person behind these awards, the president of the Cyprus Hospitality Association Polys Kallis.

For his part, Kallis remarked that today “we are celebrating the concept that can transform an ordinary experience into an unforgettable journey – authentic hospitality in tourism”.

He explained that authentic hospitality creates bonds that transcend language and cultural differences and indicated that “when travellers feel truly welcome, they interact with the local culture and create relationships with the people they meet,” thus fostering a deeper connection between visitors and the local community.

Moreover, he added that “authentic hospitality fosters trust, as when travellers feel cared for and valued, they trust local recommendations and explore new paths”.

He also noted that “perhaps more importantly, authentic hospitality leaves a lasting positive impression, strengthening the reputation of Cyprus as a premier destination for genuine hospitality”.

The association, according to Kallis, also recommended the creation of an Annual Day of Cypriot Hospitality and suggested that, at the beginning of each new season, employees be hosted by their employers “for an emblematic pre-season launch”, and concluded by congratulating all those who were distinguished, nominated, and excelled at this year’s “Cyprus Hospitality Awards 2024”. Cyprus Mail

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