Cyprus New Build That Feels Like It’s Floating Over the Mediterranean Lists for €3.19M

Cyprus New Build That Feels Like It’s Floating Over the Mediterranean Lists for €3.19M

A lavish and contemporary villa in Cyprus that sits right on sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea has hit the market for €3.19 million (US$3.45 million). 

Villa 82, as it’s known, is set in a private gated community within the island’s Paphos district alongside one of the top beaches in the region, according to the property’s developer Leptos Estates, which brought the home to the market earlier this month. 

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Cyprus has become an increasing wealth hub, as it draws affluent migrants through its golden visa program. Its prime home values have benefited, with prices rising more than 7% in 2023, according to a report earlier this year from Knight Frank. 

Leptos Estates

The three-story house boasts a contemporary interior, but while there are modern finishes and fixtures throughout, it also incorporates elements of Cyprus’s traditional architecture, including stone pillars, alcoves and polished marble flooring, according to the listing. 

The open-plan hub of the five-bedroom home has a dining area, a sleek custom kitchen and a double-height living room. The space is lined with walls of windows taking in views that give the impression of the rooms floating on the sea. 

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It’s an “exquisite property,” and “offers a truly luxurious lifestyle,” said Pantelis Leptos, co-president of Leptos Group of Companies. 

With “ample space for both relaxation and entertainment, the villa features a range of special amenities, including [the] spacious living room and a spectacular infinity pool that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea,” he added. 

Outside, alongside the pool, are private landscaped gardens and large verandas for sunbathing. 

Leptos Estates

Cyprus is “the perfect place to live and renowned for its fabulous beaches, which draw people from all over the world,” Leptos said. “There is so much to enjoy here.” 

Paphos, meanwhile, ranked as the most popular tourist destination within Cyprus over the last two years, with 36% of all inbound travelers to the island visiting the coastal city between 2022 and 2023, according to a news release. 

“With the increased level of tourism being experienced, Cyprus is well placed to provide opportunities for luxury living,” he said. mansionglobal

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