Cyprus shipping registry commemorated in Athens

Cyprus shipping registry commemorated in Athens

The Cyprus Registry marked its 60th anniversary of participation in global shipping activities earlier this week, highlighting its journey towards becoming a key player through a strategy focused on responsible and sustainable growth.

Celebrated at the Great Britain Hotel in Athens, Greece, the event underscored the strong connection between Greek and Cypriot maritime sectors.

The gathering was attended by numerous Greek shipowners, who have been instrumental in enhancing the Cypriot shipping network, highlighting the strong ties between the two naval communities.

Ioannis Koustas has further enriched this legacy by registering seven freight vessels under the Cypriot flag. Among the notable supporters, George Prokopiou is distinguished, having been awarded the Cyprus Maritime Award last summer. Prokopiou’s fleet, which makes up 3.5 per cent of the Cypriot registry and has an impressive average age of five years, was the first to bring advanced ice-class LNG carriers to Cyprus.

Polis Vasou Hatdjiioannou said, “The Cypriot registry should be the top choice for Greek Shipowners. It is renowned for its quality, ranking just after the Greek registry, and is set to play a major role ahead. The support is growing, with more shipowners joining in. As a proud Cypriot, it’s uplifting to witness our leaders making such impactful advances.”

The event was also attended by Captain Panayiotis Tsakos, Petros Pappas, Panos Laskarides, among other prominent maritime figures, reinforcing the widespread support for the Cypriot registry.

Deputy Minister of Shipping, Marina Hadjimanoli, expressed her deep appreciation to the Greek shipping leaders for their steadfast support in her moving speech. She highlighted the registry’s commitment to improving services and incorporating sustainability. With notables like the Cypriot ambassador, Stavros Avgustides, and other key personalities present, the event brought together minds dedicated to advancing Cypriot maritime interests.

“Today, Cyprus proudly stands as a leading maritime centre, attributed to the high-standard Register that has positioned us prominently on the international maritime stage,” Hadjimanoli said. She praised the collective effort and commitment that have elevated the Cypriot merchant fleet to among the largest and most reputable globally.

Hadjimanoli also highlighted the crucial political backing that has been essential in upholding a robust and high-quality registry, away from political disputes. This, she believes, demonstrates the power of collective action, aiming to further enhance the Cyprus Registry with the leadership of President Nikos Christodoulides and the Deputy Ministry of Shipping.

She detailed the advantages offered by the Cyprus Registry, including a competitive tonnage tax system and a dedication to high safety standards, efficiency, and adaptability. “Our objective is to continually refine and augment our services,” she added, pointing out initiatives like the “One-Stop-Shipping Centre” and the move towards completely digitalising services by the end of the year.

Regarding the green transition, Hadjimanoli announced the introduction of green incentives to motivate ships to lower greenhouse gas emissions, offering substantial tonnage tax reductions for sustainable shipping practices starting January 2024.

The Deputy Minister concluded her speech by acknowledging the significant contributions of Cypriot maritime veterans and the unwavering support of the Cyprus Shipowners’ Association. She envisioned a sector sustained by decades of commitment, ready for future successes due to its community’s passion and perseverance. Cyprus Mail

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