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Cyprus shows gratitude for Cambodian

Cyprus shows gratitude for Cambodian

Cyprus lauded Cambodia’s significant achievement not only in clearing tens of thousands of hectares of landmines over the past three decades but also in sending more than 8,000 peacekeepers worldwide to safeguard and bolster global security.

Ly Thuch, senior minister and first vice-president of the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA), said these achievements have made a remarkable difference in the country and around the world. He shared these accomplishments during a meeting with Martha Mavrommatis, the Cypriot ambassador to Cambodia with official residence in Beijing, during her visit in Phnom Penh on July 28.

Thuch highlighted that over the last 30 years, Cambodia has worked tirelessly to clear vast swathes of land contaminated by landmines. This endeavour has drastically reduced the risk of mine-related dangers and has reclaimed safe land for housing, agriculture and forestry. It has also facilitated the restoration of physical infrastructure, substantially contributing to the nation’s development.

He further revealed that the government has deployed over 8,000 peacekeepers under the UN umbrella to nine countries globally, including Cyprus. This peacekeeping mission showcases Cambodia’s commitment to fostering a safer, more secure world.

In response, Mavrommatis expressed profound gratitude to the Cambodian government for its peacekeeping efforts in Cyprus. She applauded the harmonious relations between the two nations and their peoples.

The ambassador also praised outgoing Prime Minister Hun Sen for his decisive role in ushering peace into Cambodia and fostering development across all sectors. Thuch acknowledged Hun Sen’s instrumental role in ending the prolonged war in Cambodia and uniting the country through his win-win policy.

He recalled how, after the war ended, Hun Sen introduced policies to revitalise the beleaguered economy, significantly improving the livelihoods of the people and turning Cambodia into the thriving nation it is today.

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