Cyprus Stock Exchange records significant increase by 12.87% in May

Cyprus Stock Exchange records significant increase by 12.87% in May

A significant increase of 12.87% was recorded in the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) during May, mainly driven by the rise in financial companies, which accounted for 77.54% of the monthly trading volume.

The weight of Bank of Cyprus and Hellenic Bank stocks was particularly notable.

According to a monthly review issued by CSE in the latest trading session of May 2024, the financial markets experienced a significant surge, with the General Index reaching 163.35 points, marking a notable 12.87% increase from the previous month. This upswing was accompanied by a substantial rise in the total value of shares traded, which imcreaesed by 51.28% compared to the preceding month.

However, despite the increase the highest level that the General Index reached for the month was 166,62 points. The other Market Indices reached the following levels: Main Market reached 127.47, Alternative Market 1,314.80, Investment Companies 1.916,24 points. On a sectoral level, the Hotels Index reached 923.57 points. The FTSE/CySE20 reached 99.30 points. The market capitalisation of shares reached € 4.62 billion. According to this month’s results, the Main Market accounted for 21.28% of the total market capitalisation, the Alternative Market 6.23%, the Surveillance Market 0.49% and the Bond Market 72.01%.

Moreover, the total market capitalisation including the Bond Market reached € 16.52 billion compared to € 15.91 billion the previous month, registering an increase of 3.81%. The total value of transactions during the month in review reached € 17.41 million, with an average of € 0.92 million per trading session.

The Financials sector contributed 77.54% to the total value traded which was the highest among all other sectors. Investors primarily focused their interest on the shares of “Bank of Cyprus Holdings Plc” and also on shares of “Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd” with 42.53% and 29.09% of the total value respectively.

(Source: CNA)

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