EU, Cambodia launch ‘Education for Green and Digital Jobs’ initiative

EU, Cambodia launch ‘Education for Green and Digital Jobs’ initiative

In a collaborative effort aimed at bolstering Cambodia’s workforce and promoting sustainable development, the European Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen joined representatives from European Union (EU) Member States and Cambodian Minister of Education, Hang Chuon Naron, to inaugurate the EU’s Global Gateway Flagship project, “Education for Green and Digital Jobs”.

This flagship initiative, championed by the EU and its member states, is designed to equip Cambodian youth with the necessary skills to meet the demands of the country’s industrial policy objectives. The initiative will train cohorts of technicians with the skills needed for Cambodia to fulfil its objectives.

Further investments will focus on resilient infrastructure, research and knowledge, people-to-people exchanges with the EU, rights-based policy reforms, private sector engagement. University students will receive scholarships for STEM subjects in Cambodia (including energy) from government-led sustainable funding.

“As Cambodia approaches a critical juncture with its graduation from least developed country status, the EU reaffirms its commitment to supporting the country’s transition to a middle-income nation,” said Urpilainen, a former educator and youth advocate.

“Investing in education is investing in a brighter future. Our goal with this programme is to ensure that the Cambodian youth are equipped with the skills and mindset necessary for sustainable development,” he added.

Echoing this sentiment, Naron expressed confidence in the initiative’s potential to attract European companies to provide high-quality employment opportunities in Cambodia’s burgeoning green and digital sectors. “These investments in education, skills, and research will not only benefit our youth but also contribute to the overall development of the country,” he said.

As part of the launch, Urpilainen, Naron, and representatives from EU Member States, including the Czech Republic, France, and Hungary, visited Chumpou Voan General and Technical High School. Here, they engaged with students and educators, emphasising the importance of STEM education and practical learning through work-based experiences.

Urpilainen’s visit to Cambodia marks the first stop in Southeast Asia, underscoring the significance of the partnership between the EU and Cambodia. It provides an opportunity to assess the longstanding cooperation between the two entities and unveil new initiatives aimed at fostering investment partnerships between Cambodia and the EU.

The “Education for Green and Digital Jobs” initiative signifies a milestone in EU-Cambodia relations, signalling a shared commitment to sustainable development, education, and economic growth for the benefit of both parties. khmertimeskh

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