Experiential workshops to boost rural tourism

Experiential workshops to boost rural tourism

Cyprus’ Deputy Ministry of Tourism has announced a scheme to sponsor experiential workshops in traditional crafts, agricultural and livestock product processing, and gastronomy, in order to boost rural tourism.

As outlined in a statement by the Ministry, the initiative, known as the Experiential Workshops Grant Scheme for Traditional Crafts, Agricultural and Livestock Product Processing, and Gastronomy for 2024, aims primarily to increase the visibility and visitation of the Heartland of Legends experiential route.

This route, established by the ministry, traverses rural, mountainous, and other remote areas, offering visitors authentic experiences that bring them closer to Cyprus’ nature, tradition, and way of life.

Moreover, the scheme seeks to promote, highlight, and enrich rural tourism products, and boost local communities, including small family businesses.

It also aims to promote cultural and gastronomic sectors while providing impetus for innovative entrepreneurial activities in these specific regions.

All details regarding the scheme, including necessary participation documents, have been made available on the Deputy Ministry of Tourism’s official website. Cyprus Mail

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