Exploring the island of Aphrodite: All you need to know about Cyprus road trip

Exploring the island of Aphrodite: All you need to know about Cyprus road trip

Nothing can give more excitement than the

adventure of driving a four-wheeler on scenic and uncharted island roads. Cyprus is a pearl of the Mediterranean, which annually welcomes about 3 million tourists from all over the world to its natural and historical domains. The unique listed buildings of ancient and Byzantine eras, Greek and Cypriot cultural treasures, and the warm waters of Akdeniz cause particular delight. Sandy beaches with developed infrastructure and a mild climate make the island an ideal vacation spot for adults and children. This guide will help you to determine the top holiday itineraries to let your hair down.

Akamantis island behind the wheel

In terms of road conditions, navigation, and traffic regulations, Cyprus is an ideal destination for a road trip. Drivers who have at least some experience behind the wheel will not take much time to adapt. Britons will find the rules even easier as Cyprus drives on the left. Driving styles are different in the north of the island and the southern region. The south is characterised by more measured driving, while residents of the northern part have a more aggressive riding style.

Anyway, a good mood and comfy vehicle is a pledge of a hassle-free road voyage. Car leasing is a popular service among tourists and, thus, is available throughout the island. Check the car hire in Cyprus to find the rental location that best suits your needs. The hiring spot largely depends on the arrival point. Depending on where the flight arrives (Paphos or Larnaca Airport), choose the pick-up point conveniently located in or right next to the terminal.

Paphos & Larnaca: Live it up at one of the best Cyprus resorts

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Paphos is famous for an array of archaeological gems, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and Roman ruins and mosaics as well. The resort boasts more than a dozen Blue Flag beaches. Some of them are sandy, but they still have rocky terrain. Larnaca is a more compact resort, with plenty of bars, exquisite restaurants, and beach spots to unwind. It will appeal to lovers of a relaxing holiday and a laid-back atmosphere unlike Paphos and Limassol, which are considered more bustling resorts.

Larnaka is the best starting point for travelling inland and exploring the Maheras forest region. If you decide to hit the road from Kition, car hire in Larnaca Airport will help to find the best deal from world-trusted suppliers at an affordable price. Among the available cars for hire at LCA, the most popular models are the Kia Picanto and Citroen C4 Grand Picasso.

Paphos District: Closer to nature

If you started the Cyprus road trip in the southwestern part of the island, and have already looked around the magnificent sights of Paphos, continue the exploration by heading to the Akamas National Park. This truly picturesque corner of the island, with an area of 230 square metres, amazes with the diversity of wild and untouched nature. There visitors can watch the lives of more than a hundred species of birds, as well as 20 species of reptiles and butterflies.

While the Paphos city centre can still be explored on foot, the most scenic remote attractions, in particular nature reserves, wild beaches, lagoons, and archaeological sites, can be reached only by car. If you want to get maximum comfort without bothering the wallet, cheap car hire in Paphos will help to settle it. Thus, the cost of hiring a 7-seat carrier in Paphos Airport starts from £57 per day. During the low season, the rental fee for a mini suitable for 1 or 2 passengers starts from £20 per day.

Picturesque villages and delicious cuisine

Nothing conveys a sense of authenticity quite like small island villages. Milou is one of those spots. Break the journey and relax your soul and body by visiting the Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort. A swimming pool with sulphurous water, hydro massage treatments, and other delights of the spa will be a salvation for travellers tired of a long journey. Don’t miss the chance to try the flavours of the national cuisine, such as meze and kleftiko, in one of the local restaurants Miliou Tavern or Kafeneio Mezedopoleio.

Rock of The Roman: Touching the legend

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One of the must-see places while you are in Cyprus is Aphrodite’s Rock. To get there, drive half an hour along the Paphos coastline to Petra tou Romiou. Plunge into the mystery of the birth of the most beautiful Greek goddess and don’t forget to make a wish. Move to the Tourist Pavilion to park the vehicle. To get to the rock, you need to overcome the road down the steps and a tunnel.

Moving towards the east coast, pay attention to the resort town of Ayia Napa. The beaches of this city, in particular Makronissos and Nissi Beach, are considered one of the best not only in Akamantis but also in Greece. A 13-minute drive from the city you will find one of the most iconic Cyprus tourist attractions — Blue Lagoon.

While you are deciding which spot to add to the must-visit list, let’s see what do you need to travel to Cyprus.

Legal demands for travellers

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The requirements for those entering Cyprus and planning to stay for up to three months are not very strict. All you need is a valid passport or ID with a photo for EU citizens and residents of Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

Another essential for travelling is financial resources. The official currency of Cyprus is the Euro. Currency exchange offices are available at airports, banks, and some hotels. More detailed info can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus.

Be sure to check whether you have the driver’s licence in your travel bag. And now it’s time to take a look at the key Cyprus road rules to avoid traffic annoyances.

Top traffic rules to remember in Cyprus

  • The right-hand lane is for overtaking only and constant driving in it is prohibited
  • Both the driver and all passengers (including those in the back seat) must wear seat belts
  • All rental cars on the island are marked with red licence plates
  • A unique feature of the island is the almost complete absence of road signs. Traffic is regulated mainly by road markings
  • Almost all parking, both in large cities and in villages, is paid. Stationing in the wrong place is punishable by a fine of €100 to €300.

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