Finance Ministers of Greece and Cyprus vow to continue cooperation on all fields

Finance Ministers of Greece and Cyprus vow to continue cooperation on all fields

The Finance Ministers of Greece and Cyprus Kostis Hatzidakis and Makis Keravnos respectively expressed their joint commitment to continue collaboration between the two countries in all fields, stressing that both economies have exited from the financial crisis of the previous decade.

The Greek Minister for Economy and Finance, who is visiting Cyprus, had an 8 May courtesy call with his Cypriot Finance Minister in the Ministry of Finance in Nicosia.

Welcoming his Greek counterpart, Keravnos said they had a very productive discussion, exchanging views on our economies “which fortunately at this juncture are two very good economies in the EU.”

“We exchanged views on various issues concerning the economy and we have affirmed the continuation of our good and productive cooperation,” he added.

On his part, the Greek Minister said they have an excellent collaboration in the context of the EU Eurogroup and Ecofin Councils, he added they reviewed the course of both the Cypriot and the Greek economies and “we ascertained that Greece and Cyprus have overcome the crisis of the previous decade.”

He noted however that “the effort is never ending as we should continue forward combining fiscal prudence with an investment-friendly policy as I believe this financial approach is prerequisite for steady growth.”

“This is how both countries are advancing and certainly the commitment of both Greece and Cyprus is to continue their cooperation on all fields not only on the financial level and this is the approach of President Christodoulides and Prime Minister Mitsotakis,” he went on to say.

On the issue of the Great Sea Interconnector, the electricity interconnection linking Greece and Cyprus and the request by the Greek project promoted IPTO that the surcharge on electricity bills should begin earlier so that it would recover its capital expenditure, Hatzidakis said both countries in principle favour the project for reasons that have been explained and recalled that the European Commission also favours the project which has been included as one of projects of priorities.

“The project is vast, has different financial and technical parametres which are being discussed by the Ministries of Energy and the Environment of Greece and of Commerce of Cyprus,” he said responding to a question.

On his part, Keravnos said the project is not simple and has many aspects which are being managed by the Ministries of Energy of the two countries.

(Source: CNA/PIO)

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