Forum held to increase public confidence in capital markets

Forum held to increase public confidence in capital markets

In an attempt to increase awareness among the public, the Cambodia Securities Exchange and listed companies held a seminar. In the meeting, the listed firms and CSX talked about the financial performance of companies and tried to increase public confidence in the capital market.

Titled ‘Earnings Forum 2024’, the seminar was organized on Tuesday at the CSX. Guest speakers at the seminar were from six listed companies, Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority, Phnom Penh Autonomous Port, Acleda Bank Plc, CAMGSM Plc, MENGLY J QUACH EDUCATION Plc and DBD Engineering Plc.

The seminar walked investors and potential investors through the business performance of companies, including their fourth-quarter and annual reports from 2023.

CEO of CSX Hong Sok Hour talked about how CSX has been working with securities firms to produce an “Equity Report.” This equity report will have an analysis of the business and financial performance of listed companies. Such a report would help in guiding investors on what stocks to invest in.

“Our ambition is to boost our capital market and achieve an average daily trading volume of $100 million in 2030. We want more participants in the stock market to achieve this ambition,” Sok Hour said.

Launched in 2012, CSX is a joint venture between the Cambodian government and Korean Exchange. Cambodia holds 55 percent stake, while the Korean Exchange owns the remaining 45 percent.

The CSX currently has 23 listed companies, where 11 are equity stocks and 12 are corporate bonds. Collectively, the companies have raised about $379 million from the capital market with an average daily trading value of more than $200,000. khmertimeskh

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