Hoteliers say they are fully aligned with government in efforts to boost tourism

Hoteliers say they are fully aligned with government in efforts to boost tourism

The Cyprus Hoteliers Association (Pasyxe) this week confirmed its full alignment and excellent collaboration with the government, something which was reiterated during the association’s annual general meeting.

This meeting was attended by President Nikos Christodoulides, along with representatives from six ministries, showcasing the strong partnership between the government and the association.

In a statement, Pasyxe reaffirmed its longstanding position that cooperation with the president and relevant ministries is essential to ensure tourism remains a robust pillar of the economy.

The association also said that the government’s significant presence at the meeting represents “clear evidence of this fruitful collaboration”.

Pasyxe added that, in conjunction with the government, it continues to monitor developments affecting the tourism sector and addresses concerns through meaningful initiatives aimed at finding permanent solutions for the benefit of the tourism industry.

The association also welcomed the president’s announcements made at the meeting, particularly the government’s decision to increase the budget of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism by €10 million for 2025, which ultimately aims to enhance Cyprus’ international profile.

Furthermore, the association said that the rebranding efforts currently underway will help restore and elevate Cyprus’ reputation as a prime business and investment hub.

The association also made note of the reintroduction of a new training programme. This entails a five-year training plan for employees in hotel units in partial or full suspension of operations.

This initiative is intended to encourage the continued operation of hotel units during the winter season.

Finally, Pasyxe expressed its optimism about continuing this close cooperation with the government and assured its role as a longstanding and strong strategic partner.

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