I-STARS offers cash for sustainable tourism

I-STARS offers cash for sustainable tourism

The I-STARS project, aimed at promoting sustainable tourism in Europe, has completed the selection process of a total of 125 tourism businesses from Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Italy, and Spain, each receiving grants of up to €5,600.

The I-STARS project initiated an open call in July 2023, inviting businesses from various tourism sectors to apply for support. This was aimed at facilitating their transition to sustainable business models. There was a big response, reflecting a growing commitment within the industry to sustainability as a core principle.

As a result, selected businesses now can leverage I-STARS sponsorship to undertake various initiatives aimed at enhancing sustainability within their operations. For instance, some businesses will allocate funds to obtain sustainability certifications, to validate environmentally responsible practices. Certification not only enhances the credibility of businesses but also ensures adherence to international sustainability standards.

Other beneficiaries will focus on developing comprehensive sustainability strategies and action plans tailored to their specific activities. By investing in strategic planning, these businesses aim to integrate sustainability into every aspect of their operations, ensuring long-term sustainability while minimizing environmental impact.

Moreover, a significant portion of the allocated funds will be dedicated to improving critical aspects of sustainable tourism, such as food waste management, waste reduction, and energy efficiency. By doing so, businesses can significantly reduce their ecological footprint while improving the overall quality of their services.

In essence, the I-STARS project is co-financed by the European Union which hopes that by providing financial support and guidance to tourism businesses, there would be shift towards more sustainable operating models.

Simultaneously, the collaborative nature of the project encourages the exchange of knowledge and best practices among participating businesses, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement in the industry.

The I-STARS project is coordinated by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Keve) with partners from Greece, Ireland, Italy, and Spain, co-financed by the European Union. Cyprus Mail

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