Japanese cherry blossom festival in Cyprus

Japanese cherry blossom festival in Cyprus

This spring season will bring a unique spectacle of local and Japanese cherry blossoms. The sight is so magnificent that a Japanese Cherry Blossom festival is organised for the first time in Cyprus, specifically at Sakura Park in Kambos. This Sunday, the Kambos Community Council, the Kambos-Tsakistra Development Cultural Association and the Embassy of Japan in Cyprus invite the public to a nature escape to celebrate the beauty of spring.

The festival will kick off at 11am and the whole day will be dedicated to the blooming of Japanese cherry blossoms, which can only be found in Kambos of Tsakistra, aiming to showcase the magic of nature. The Park was created in 2022 on the initiative of then ambassador Iseki Izumi, as part of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Cyprus and Japan.

Spring, late March to early April to be exact, is when Sakura-type cherry trees bloom and their large pink/white flowers appear. Millions of people visit them in Japan and their brief blossoming period, which lasts approximately three weeks, symbolises the transience of life along with the beauty nature offers.

In Cyprus, the Sakura Park area has been enriched with many Japanese and rare local plants to attract visitors throughout the year. At the event, visitors will be able to enjoy the trees in their full glory and take part in a range of activities culinary surprises, and musical journeys through tradition.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

April 21. Sakura Park, Kambos. 11am.

(Cyprus Mail)

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