Kampot Debuts Giant Seahorse Statue to Welcome Visitors for New Year Celebrations

Kampot Debuts Giant Seahorse Statue to Welcome Visitors for New Year Celebrations

Phnom Penh, April 10, 2024: The coastal province of Kampot has unveiled a new attraction that is captivating tourists: a giant seahorse statue situated along its popular riverbank. This remarkable statue, which gracefully spouts water from its mouth into the scenic Kampong Bay stream, was introduced just in time for the New Year festivities.

During a visit to the site on April 9, the Provincial Governor of Kampot expressed his confidence that the seahorse statue, along with the festive decorations surrounding it, will draw even more visitors to the area. Standing eight meters tall, the statue becomes a vibrant spectacle at night thanks to its colorful illumination.

The seahorse, a symbol of rich marine biodiversity, highlights the diverse aquatic life found in Kampot’s waters. The decision to erect this statue was inspired by the desire to celebrate the natural beauty and wildlife of the province, especially as a welcome gesture for those visiting during the Khmer New Year from April 13-16.

Kampot is renowned for its blend of cultural and natural attractions, offering a wide array of experiences for tourists with various interests. Additionally, visitors to the province can now enjoy a newly developed park along the riverbank, which provides stunning views of the area.

This initiative not only beautifies the waterfront but also serves as a reminder of Kampot’s commitment to preserving and showcasing its environmental and cultural heritage. As the New Year approaches, Kampot invites visitors to experience its charm and discover the wonders it has to offer.

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