Koh Tonsay tourism port 90% complete: Kep governor

Koh Tonsay tourism port 90% complete: Kep governor

Kep provincial governor Som Piseth has announced that the construction of the Koh Tonsay Tourism Port is about 90 per cent complete, a project he said would transform the province’s islands into modern and desirable tourist destinations.

While inspecting the progress of the port on March 19, he described it as an “historic accomplishment” for the province.

Piseth said the new port facility will boost the provincial tourism industry, noting that the Kep Tourism Master Plan 2023-35 includes the vision of transforming Kep into a “high-end eco-tourism destination and resort”, by adhering to the principles of sustainable development, quality, competitiveness and smart tourism.

“Construction of the Koh Tonsay Tourism Port is proceeding according to plan. As of now, it is roughly 90 per cent complete. This will modernise the potential for our islands to become important tourist destinations,” he continued.

Ho Vandy, an adviser to the Cambodia Association of Travel Agents, noted that most coastal tourist areas around the world have international-standard ports for the transport of visitors. Modern ports guarantee the safety of guests and are an excellent way of earning their trust.

He said that once it begins operations, the new port will make the management of water transport far more effective and efficient.

He also believes that the facilities will attract more ferry companies to the province, improving the quality of the sector overall.

“Excellent modern ports make it easier for tourism operators to attract visitors,” he added.

He explained that Cambodia currently has tourist ports in Preah Sihanouk and Kampot provinces. If possible, he suggested the government build more, to guarantee the safety of guests.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport announced that the construction of the Koh Tonsay Tourism Port was projected to reach around $1.2 million, with the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). 

The project is located at the old port in Kep town. It covers almost 3,500sqm and features a 13m x 100m concrete pier, as well as new administrative building which contains ticket sale counters and waiting rooms for guests. phnompenhpost

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