Limassol port “a natural gateway” for vehicle transport — traffic up by 75 per cent

Limassol port “a natural gateway” for vehicle transport — traffic up by 75 per cent

Limassol port has seen a substantial rise in wheeled cargo traffic since DP World Limassol (DPWL) took over its operation, processing around 60,000 multipurpose Ro-Ro units (Roll-on, Roll-off) in 2023 alone, according to an announcement by the port management company released on Thursday.

The announcement pointed out that this number represents a nearly 75 per cent increase in volume since the company took over the operation of the port’s multipurpose terminal in 2017.

Moreover, the company noted that over the past six years, the number of multipurpose vessels (MPVs) calling at Limassol port exceeded the number of Pure Car Carriers, meaning vessels that are mainly designed to carry passenger cars. This, the company mentioned, reflects the increased diversification of services offered by DP World Limassol.

DP World Limassol operates Cyprus’ largest Ro-Ro terminal, including a dedicated yard area of over 20,000 sqm, capable of operating around the clock, without stopping.

“This allows port users and customers to enjoy greater flexibility through improved cargo delivery times and efficiency gains within the terminal,” the company said.

“Ro-Ro shipping is an integral part of the global logistics industry and the most popular method for transporting wheeled cargo in a cost-effective manner,” it added.

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Furthermore, the company explained that unlike traditional container shipping, where cargo is packed into containers and lifted onto the ship using a crane, Ro-Ro vessels have enclosed and open decks that accommodate various types of wheeled cargo.

This method of transporting cargo and vehicles across the seas, DP World pointed out, “is extremely important for many countries, but especially vital for island nations like Cyprus, which rely heavily on maritime transport for the import and export of vehicles and heavy machinery”.

“Because of its location at the crossroads of major European transport corridors, Limassol port is a natural gateway for the transportation of vehicles to and from the Middle East and continental Europe,” the company stated, noting that as a result, “several international shipping lines use the port for their Ro-Ro needs, including Salamis, Neptune Line and Grimaldi”.

What is more, the announcement mentioned that over the past seven years, DP World Limassol has made significant investments in the terminal, equipment and operational processes.

The company has integrated its bespoke Zodiac software into its Ro-Ro operations, allowing it to streamline and enhance a number of processes such as receiving manifests, customs clearance, damages documentation, and performance reporting.

“DP World Limassol is an important stakeholder of the country’s automotive and construction industries, making a significant contribution to Cyprus’ economic growth every year,” DP World Limassol CEO Simon Pitout said.

“DP World Limassol serves numerous industries and has welcomed a wide range of vessels over the years, including passenger ships, like the ferry connecting Greece and Cyprus, which was reinstated in 2021 after a 21-year hiatus,” he added.

Throughout the coming summer, the ferry link will make regular return voyages from Limassol port, giving Cypriots the option to take their own vehicle to Greece.

“By hosting the ferry link exclusively in Limassol this season, DPWL has demonstrated its commitment to strengthening Cyprus’ tourist industry, as well as its goal of promoting the island as a top travel destination and supporting the local community”, Pitout concluded. (Cyprus Mail)

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