Limassol university partnership aims to boost maritime innovation

Limassol university partnership aims to boost maritime innovation

The University of Limassol (UoL) on Tuesday released a statement announcing a new partnership with the Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications Executives of Maritime Companies (AMMITEC).

AMMITEC is a distinguished non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing digital transformation, cybersecurity best practices, and strengthening the role of Information Technology (IT) in the global maritime sector.

According to the statement, through this collaboration, the university and AMMITEC aim to foster a dynamic exchange of knowledge, ideas, and technical expertise between the academic sphere and industry professionals.

This collaboration, the announcement continued, “brings together two worlds, marrying academic research and theory with the practical experience and technical know-how of the market”.

Moreover, the statement noted that the primary objective of this partnership is to create innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by the maritime industry.

It also underlined that “AMMITEC, with its specialisation and experience, offers valuable insights into the current needs and trends of the market, while UoL, with its robust academic background and research capabilities, provides a theoretical framework and methodology”.

“Overall, the collaboration between UoL and AMMITEC represents a significant development for the maritime industry,” the announcement said.

“The union of academic community forces and industry professionals brings forth new ideas, innovative solutions, and promising prospects for the future of shipping,” it added.

Ioannis Filippopoulos, co-director of the MSc Shipping and Operations Management and Assistant Professor at the University of Limassol, expressed his commitment to the new partnership, stating that “we are dedicated to preparing the next generation of IT leaders who will spearhead transformative change in the maritime sector and beyond”.

“We are thrilled to unite with AMMITEC in this journey towards excellence, collaboration, and meaningful impact,” he added.

Meanwhile, Themistoklis Sardis, President of AMMITEC and Head of IT at Costamare Shipping, stated that “I am thrilled to convey our enthusiasm for the collaboration with the University of Limassol”.

“This partnership opens exciting opportunities for our members, allowing them to enhance their knowledge, engage with esteemed academics, and continue to be at the forefront of the maritime digital transformation,” Sardis added.

It should be noted that in its efforts to advance maritime technology and foster a community of like-minded professionals, AMMITEC extends its membership opportunities across three distinctive categories.

The first one involves ICT managers of ship-owning or ship-operating, managing, and ship broker companies, alongside government sector professionals and academics actively engaged in maritime ICT, who are eligible to elevate their involvement by becoming full members.

Furthermore, for ICT Staff within ship-owning or ship-operating, managing, and ship broker companies seeking specialised affiliation, the status of associate ICT members is tailored to cater to their specific roles and contributions.

Finally, there are associate members. In this instance, the association notes that it welcomes individuals aligned with its goals and eager to participate in its initiatives. This category embraces everyone outside the aforementioned roles, providing a diverse and supportive community for collective advancement in the maritime technology landscape.

“At AMMITEC, we are dedicated to enriching the experience of our members who are the IT Managers of shipping companies,” the association states. Cyprus Mail

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