MISTI calls for private water vendors to increase production

MISTI calls for private water vendors to increase production

During the recent 12th Annual General Assembly of the Cambodian Water Supply Association (CWA), Cambodia’s clean water sector insiders convened in Phnom Penh to celebrate ongoing achievements in Cambodia’s clean water supply sector, along with future prospects for the industry.

Presided over by Minister of Industry, Science, Technology & Innovation (MISTI), Hem Vanndy, and Australian Ambassador to Cambodia, Justin Whyatt, alongside the CWA’s Board of Directors, the MISTI Minister called for private water vendors to expand production while maintaining quality standards across the industry.

Minister Vanndy emphasized the role of public-private collaboration among water supply authorities, private water operators, development partners, relevant ministries and related institutions in driving Cambodia’s clean water sector to a future with quality supply to all parts of the country.

“The Ministry advocates for the enhancement of capacity among private water operators to expand their services in compliance with licensing requirements, prioritizing the delivery of quality, safe, sustainable, and affordable water to all,” he said to the assembly.

He also emphasized that ensuring access to clean water is paramount for safeguarding the national public health and attracting both domestic and international investment, two factors he said are crucial for enhancing Cambodia’s socio-economic development.

Following the minister’s address, Australian Ambassador Whyatt noted that the Australian government is also committed to achieving universal access to affordable and clean water in Cambodia by 2030.

Whyatt detailed the significant contributions through Australia’s economic development program in the Kingdom, the Cambodia Australia Partnership for Resilient Economic Development (CAPRED).

The program’s long-running partnership with Cambodia on water development is centred on the shared belief that access to clean water is a critical driver of sustainable development, he explained.

“Australia has partnered with Cambodia for nearly a decade to help more than one million rural Cambodians get access to clean piped water. The result is that people are healthier, there are more jobs in communities, and local economies are stronger,” the ambassador said.

The CWA assembly included 384 representatives from government bodies, water operators, non-governmental organizations, development partners, financial institutions, and water-related industry suppliers.

CWA membership includes 281 private water operators from 23 provinces, along with 37 water supply-related companies and financial institutions.

CWA was established in 2011 by a group of Cambodian private water operators under the financial and technical support of the USAID Cambodia-MSME Project. It was legally granted the license by the Ministry of Interior in August 2012. Recently, CWA re-registered as a legal entity association in November 2021.

Members of the CWA play an important role in supplying clean and affordable water to Cambodian people in rural and agglomerated areas of Cambodia.

Between 2012 and 2022, the association was responsible for the installation of over 500,000 water connections nationwide, providing water to upwards of 2 million people.

The CWA’s 12th General Assembly held this month also commended the achievements of the non-profit association’s board of directors during the 2020-2023 mandate while electing a new board to oversee the association’s 2024-2027 mandate.

The association provides a platform for enhancing communication between members, along with sharing knowledge, experience, innovation and technologies.

Promoting collaboration and learning among national and international stakeholders is also a key focus of the CWA. khmertimeskh

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