MoT, EuroCham agree to bolster tourism investment

MoT, EuroCham agree to bolster tourism investment

The Ministry of Tourism (MoT) and European Chamber of Commerce

(EuroCham) on Tuesday agreed to join hands in attracting public and private investments aimed at enhancing the Kingdom’s tourism sector through the Cambodian Tourism Marketing and Promotion Board (CTB).

This came on Tuesday as Tassilo Brinzer, Chairman of EuroCham Cambodia led a delegation to pay a courtesy call to Sok Soken, Minister of MoT in Phnom Penh.

Presiding over the meeting, Soken told the Chairman and the European delegation about the commitment of the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) to strengthening public-private partnerships to provide support and ensure development in all aspects, especially the tourism sector which has been disturbed by the Covid-19 pandemic and other related challenges.

He raised several factors and the importance of reforming the role and functioning of CTB, which will favour extensive participation from the private sector and ensure effective public-private partnerships to jointly promote the attractiveness of the country’s tourism destination.

During the discussion, the Minister also shared the MoT’s new initiative of ‘BUILD plus 3Ds’, the master strategy to transform the country into a leading and attractive tourism destination.

Responding to the concern, Tassilo briefed the Minister on the main tasks of EuroCham Cambodia in supporting the country’s development by attracting companies and businessmen from European countries and around the world to invest in Cambodia’s priority sectors and the tourism industry.

He further praised the significant role of CTB and expressed support for the ministry and relevant institutions in working together to tackle the challenges facing in tourism sector.

The two leaders expressed their joint commitment to promoting close and harmonious cooperation to foster the development of the Kingdom’s tourism industry into a competitive, sustainable and inclusive tourism destination.

According to the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) sources, the nation has implemented the strategic initiative under the theme of ‘Uniting for a Collective Vision’ aiming to contribute to Cambodia’s prestige and resilience by positioning Cambodia as a leading global destination enshrined with rich diversity, boundless opportunities and genuine compassion.

The strategic initiative encompasses vision, mission, strategy and goals, which are stacked in a manner that resembles a house as it shows the connection of the different building blocks. The strategies sit at the core of the whole structure involving the sub-strategies of ‘BUILD plus 3Ds’. Khmertimeskh

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