Nicosia’s historic Paphos gate opened to visitors

Nicosia’s historic Paphos gate opened to visitors

The archaeological site at the Paphos gate on the western edge of Nicosia’s walled city is now open for visitors.

“Through the antiquities department’s excavations in the area, the importance of the gate is one of the main access points to Nicosia’s walled city,” Deputy Culture Minister Vasiliki Kassianidou said.

She said the gate had “timeless importance” from the Venetian period until Cyprus was under British rule and added the role of the area during the period of Ottoman rule in Cyprus.

Excavations in the area uncovered the founding of the Arab Ahmet aqueduct, which she said, “completes yet another mosaic in the history of the area”.

She added that due to the importance of the findings unearthed in the area, the antiquities department conducted a study with the aim of “highlighting the site as an experiential museum of Nicosia’s history”.

She pointed out that this was “not an easy task”, but that they managed to “achieve a very successful result”.

“The Paphos gate is today, not only for tourists but also for locals, a reference point and a beloved historical and cultural significance,” she said, going on to emphasise the “importance of the promotion of places such as Nicosia’s Venetian walls” for the preservation of the capital’s cultural identity.

She added that the project’s success is “proof that cooperation between local authorities, the competent departments, and Cyprus’ research institutions can lead to the best possible result for the preservation and promotion of its monuments”.

“The preservation of our cultural heritage is a collective responsibility and long-term fight which concerns us all.” Cyprus Mail

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