Panel discussion: “Sunshine and Success-Embracing Work-Life Bliss in Cyprus”

Panel discussion: “Sunshine and Success-Embracing Work-Life Bliss in Cyprus”

Some of the island’s leading business executives relayed their experience of doing business in Cyprus at the 2nd Cyprus: The New Global Tech & Innovation Hub Summit, held in Limassol to showcase the island’s key advantages as a business and tech hub.

Coordinated by Invest Cyprus CEO Marios Tannousis, the panel discussion was entitled “Sunshine and Success – Embracing Work-Life Bliss in Cyprus” and it sought to highlight some of the key components that make the island an ideal destination for investors; especially tech companies.

Marianna Hadjiandoniou: We must look beyond the standard salary package to attract Gen Z

Marianna Hadjiandoniou, Executive Vice President, Energame, highlighted how the tech industry is changing and how to attract Generation Z, businesses are now required to offer much more than just a standard salary package. Companies need to build an environment for them that ensures their growth, both personally and professionally.

“Generation Z thinks and acts very differently to what we had. So, it’s very important to give them flexibilities,” she explained.

Alexander Shkuratov: There will be enough space for everybody in private schools in the next two to three years

Alexander Shkuratov, Founder & CEO, The Island Private School of Limassol, highlighted one of the main issues investors and employees relocating to Cyprus have been facing: finding private schools for their children. “One big constraint we all have in Cyprus, my fellow co-founders of IT companies, is that there is not enough space for children in schools. I think we will catch up in two or three years and there will be enough space for everybody,” he said.

Shkuratov also revealed, among other, that The Island Private School of Limassol was currently in the process of creating a business accelerator for students that will offer them funding and help them launch their own startups.

“It’s so important to foster the entrepreneurial spirit at a young age,” he pointed out.

Iness Karagianni: Purchasing luxury real estate in Cyprus is a “super seamless and easy process”

Iness Karagianni, Minthis Sales Manager, Pafilia Property Developers Ltd, was asked to describe the luxury living experience in Cyprus. She said the island has so much more to offer than just the standard “sea and sunshine”. It offers the full package; the infrastructure, the services and overall lifestyle.

And asked how easy it is for investors to purchase luxury real estate, she described it as a “super seamless and easy process”, adding that key to this was the fact that the industry has a very strong backbone: the Land Registry Office. “It is transparent and efficient, and this is important,” Karagianni explained.

Equally important is the fact that the island boasts extremely high-quality service providers, she added.

Niki Ioannou-Chandriotou: By end-2025, 100% of the population will have 5G and Fiber coverage

Niki Ioannou-Chandriotou, Head of Sales, Customer Care, Marketing & Communication, Cyta Business, said that by end-2025, 100% of the population will have 5G and Fiber coverage. “So, if you are a company wanting to relocate to Cyprus, you can go anywhere you want,” she explained.

In Cyprus for two consecutive years we’ve been the fastest 5G network in the EU. For such a small country this is impressive,” she pointed out.

And being at the crossroads between Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the island is connected to the rest of the world, while it also has an effective data centre.

“So, all the infrastructure is there for a company to take advantage of and relocate or start a company in Cyprus,” said Ioannou-Chandriotou.

She also revealed that Cyta has an extensive business continuity plan in place “to ensure we are always connected”.

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