PwC Cyprus integrates ChatPwC in its daily operations

PwC Cyprus integrates ChatPwC in its daily operations

Following the demands of the modern era, PwC Cyprus has strategically integrated ChatPwC – an innovative generative artificial intelligence assistant (GenAI) – into its operations, thereby granting its people the ability to utilize it daily. Consequently, this strategic initiative aims to harness the power of GenAI to boost productivity, expedite service delivery, and foster innovation.

Designed by the organisation for secure internal interactions, ChatPwC possesses boundless capabilities, enabling it to analyse data and generate real-time content.

Consequently, this versatility renders this novel tool invaluable to PwC people, empowering them with swift access to information, the ability to extract insights from diverse sources, and the creation of high-quality content with remarkable efficacy.

Moreover, ChatPwC facilitates efficient decision-making and problem-solving. It is noteworthy that ChatPwC incorporates robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

Philipos Soseilos, CEO of PwC Cyprus, said “The integration of ChatPwC into our operations is a major milestone in the organisation’s continuous journey of digital transformation. With this powerful tool, we are revolutionizing the targeted search for information, which will help our people save time and increase productivity within a completely secure digital environment.” Cyprus Mail

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