PwC event looks at shipping industry success strategies

PwC event looks at shipping industry success strategies

PwC Cyprus hosted a breakfast event

titled ‘Setting Sail for Success in the Shipping Sector’ on January 23, bringing together leaders from the Cyprus shipping industry to address critical challenges and discuss strategies for success.

According to a press release published on Monday, during the event, Cleo Papadopoulou, PwC Cyprus Partner in charge of Transportation and Logistics, examined the global importance of the shipping industry.

Moreover, she advised companies to ensure sustainability by upgrading business models and aligning with the green and digital transitions, underlining the shipping sector’s role in achieving the ‘Vision 2035’ goal for Cyprus.

“In the implementation of the great goal that is part of ‘Vision 2035,’ the shipping sector has a decisive role to play,” said Cleo Papadopoulou, giving emphasis to the sector’s significance for Cyprus’ economy and its contribution to creating an ideal environment for residents, workforce, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Meanwhile, Stelios Himonas, Director General of the Deputy Ministry of Shipping, highlighted key concerns during the event, including tax issues, the impact of the EU emissions trading scheme, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, pay transparency, personal data privacy, artificial intelligence, and service improvement.

“This event provides a platform to analyse concerns that preoccupy the shipping industry, such as tax issues, emissions trading, sustainability reporting, and technological advancements,” Himonas said.

Finally, speakers, including Theodoulos Mesimeris, Senior Environmental Officer, and Dimitrios Sakipis, ESG Leader of PwC Greece, provided insights into important industry topics during the discussion. Credit Cyprus Mail

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