Research & Innovation Foundation sets the scene for new collaborations

Research & Innovation Foundation sets the scene for new collaborations

The Research & Innovation

Foundation (RIF) on Friday hosted its ‘Partner Day’ conference at the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia, in an effort to further foster collaboration between Cyprus’ research and business communities.

The event, held under the auspices of Chief Scientist Demetris Skourides, marked a significant step toward bridging the gap between research institutions and Cypriot startups, businesses and the local industry.

With the theme “Innovation, Collaboration, Development,” the conference brought together key stakeholders, including government officials, entrepreneurs, scientists, and researchers.

Chief Scientist Demetris Skourides
Chief Scientist Demetris Skourides

Throughout the event, attendees engaged in discussions and shared ideas with the goal of commercially leveraging research and innovation.

In his opening address, Chief Scientist Demetris Skourides emphasised the need to seize opportunities for creating a modern Cyprus with long-term benefits for its economy and citizens.

He underscored the pivotal role of generating new knowledge and transforming it into innovative products and services, describing it as vital for the establishment of a contemporary state.

Skourides highlighted the commitment of the Research & Innovation Foundation (RIF) as the national entity supporting and promoting research, technological development, and innovation in Cyprus.

Moreover, he outlined the foundation’s efforts to enhance the Cypriot ecosystem’s capabilities, adding value to the economy and society through a robust toolbox of financial programs and supportive services.

Nicodemos Damianou, Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy,
Nicodemos Damianou, Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy

Furthermore, he announced that the foundation is expected to allocate over €150 million for the period 2021-2027 through targeted investments in research, knowledge transfer, innovation, infrastructure development, and internationalisation.

Congratulating the foundation and the Chief Scientist for their initiative, Nicodemos Damianou, Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy, said that investments in research and innovation are crucial for the sustainability and competitiveness of Cyprus’ development model.

Moreover, he outlined a series of policies, reforms, and financial programs aimed at creating a strong, unified, and effectively interconnected R&D ecosystem.

In addition, RIF Director General Theodoros Loukaidis provided an overview of Cyprus’ progress, showcasing its potential as an emerging centre for innovation and entrepreneurship.

He also presented the foundation’s main financial programmes and services, highlighting their impact on the national economy and society.

partner day 222

The second part of the conference featured four parallel workshops focusing on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Energy, Green Development and Environment, Health Sciences, and Maritime and Blue Economy.

Each workshop began with presentations on government policies, reforms, and investments, followed by discussions involving entrepreneurs, startup executives, researchers, and representatives from Centres of Excellence.

The discussions underscored the need for intensified collaborations between the research community and businesses, ultimately aiming to increase the number of companies investing in research and development activities.

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