Road opens for Cyprus gas project

Road opens for Cyprus gas project

Cypriot Energy Minister George Papanastasiou announced on Wednesday that the obstacles in the development plan for the Aphrodite gas field have been overcome, marking progress in Cyprus’ energy ambitions.

Papanastasiou revealed that ENI’s CEO is scheduled to visit Cyprus by the end of April to discuss the Cronos I and Cronos II fields, with hopes of gaining clarity on the company’s intentions.

Following a cabinet meeting, Papanastasiou addressed reporters, expressing optimism about overcoming difficulties in the Aphrodite field’s development plan. He affirmed that the issue causing the delay has been resolved, indicating a direction based on the 2019 development and production plan agreement.

Regarding Chevron’s proposal to advance efforts, Papanastasiou emphasized the government’s eagerness to respond promptly to facilitate joint venture planning. He confirmed that the improved proposal was under review by legal advisers, with a response expected in the coming days.

When pressed on the government’s satisfaction with the optimized proposal, Papanastasiou reiterated the adherence to the 2019 plan and declined to delve into specifics, citing a decision within the ministry to limit public statements. ekathimerini

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