Rural tourism in Cyprus on the up, minister says

Rural tourism in Cyprus on the up, minister says

Agrotourism in Cyprus is on the rise, according to statements made by Deputy Minister of Tourism Kostas Koumis at the 18th Annual General Assembly of the Cyprus Agrotourism Society held this week in Platres.

Significantly, this trend is also evident in the overnight stays recorded in agrotourism accommodations, with a total of 166,293 in 2023 compared to 153,196 in 2022.

Koumis specifically referenced the Ministry of Tourism’s incentive plans aimed at mountainous, rural, and remote areas, which undoubtedly boost the countryside of the country.

Furthermore, concerning the first call for the revitalisation project for these areas, projects have already been implemented or are in the process of being implemented in 80 communities, demonstrating the true intention of the Ministry of Tourism and the Government in general to support the countryside.

Moreover, concerning agritourism services, the deputy minister expressed encouragement that there has been an upward trend in recent years in the preferences of thousands of people around the world.

This upward trend is also noticeable in our country, and it is particularly pleasing, as Koumis said, that there has been an increase in the number of overnight stays in traditional housing.

Koumis said that “agritourism is a tourism model that emerged through the need of people to seek accommodation options in nature, away from the tensions of everyday life, accompanied by the provision of authentic services.

It is,” he explained, “a type of tourism created to meet the qualitative requirements of a different market segment, and undoubtedly represents a very good development opportunity for local economies, the countryside, mountain, and border areas to develop further, always within a framework of absolute respect for nature, the environment, and cultural heritage.”

He further noted that the Deputy Ministry of Tourism is actively involved in this effort to further develop agrotourism in Cyprus.

This involvement is evidenced by the incentive plans announced in recent months and the continuous promotion of the agrotourism sector in major foreign markets, which clearly

demonstrate the commitment to this initiative. Moreover, Koumis emphasised that for the government of Nikos Christodoulides, improving rural infrastructure—and consequently enhancing the living standards of rural residents—remains a priority.

It is noteworthy that the Cyprus Rural Tourism Association has been active for 28 years, listing a total of 124 member companies. (cyprus mail)

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