Smart buildings in Cyprus: A new era

Smart buildings in Cyprus: A new era

The Ministry of Energy, Commerce, and Industry informed the Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission of its intention to explore the implementation of the Smart Readiness Indicator system in Cyprus.

The Smart Readiness Indicator for buildings is an assessment system of building intelligence, established by the European Commission in 2018 through the European directive on the energy performance of buildings.

Cyprus becomes the ninth country in the European Union to express its intention to explore the adoption of this system through the implementation of a relevant study.

This study will be carried out by a team of technical consultants consisting of the Energy Office of Cyprus, the Sustainable Energy Research Group of Frederick University, and the technology companies Euphyia Tech Ltd and CyRIC Ltd.

Upon completion of the nine-month study, the levels of building intelligence in Cyprus will be determined, as well as their proposed categorization into intelligence indicators, depending on the automation and control systems with which they are equipped.

This development represents a significant step towards promoting and establishing smart buildings and smart cities in Cyprus, enhancing conditions for a sustainable and energy-efficient built environment. in-cyprus.philenews

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