Spike in demand for organised trips from Poland to free Famagusta

Spike in demand for organised trips from Poland to free Famagusta

There is increased interest in organised trips from Poland to the free Famagusta area, tourism officials said after participating in a recent travel expo in the country.

The Famagusta Tourist Development and Promotion Company said that together with hotels from the area, it represented the free Famagusta district in the Roadshow organised by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, from April 8-10, 2024, in Warsaw, Krakow and Katowice.

During the meetings, the Company had a series of contacts with leading travel organisers active in the Polish market, in an effort to display, inform and promote the tourist product of the region.

It saidthe aim of the meetings was “to further strengthen the trend recorded in recent years, regarding an increased flow of tourists from various Polish cities. The services and experiences that Famagusta district provides to its visitors were at the centre of the contacts, while optimism was expressed that arrivals from Poland in 2024 will exceed those of the previous year.”

It added that “through the contacts, the intention to strengthen existing collaborations became apparent, a particularly encouraging element for the tourism sector in the region, as well as in Cyprus more broadly, as Poland is an important market, with great prospects both in terms of tourism in summer months as well as in special forms of tourism throughout the year. On the positive side, the increased interest on the part of travel organizers, regarding the Famagusta area, in relation to special forms of tourism and mass tourism for the summer months was recorded”. CBN

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