Sustainability a way of life for Limassol hotel

Sustainability a way of life for Limassol hotel
The Cyprus Mail’s Souzana Psara recently spoke with Genia Boustany, director of​Poseidonia Hotel, about its
sustainability journey, focusing on its transition to a circular operating model.

In January 2022, Poseidonia Hotel, a family-run medium-sized hotel in Limassol, began its sustainability journey by transitioning to a circular operating model.

The management’s strategy focused on investing in personnel through education, fostering a culture of sustainability, and setting the hotel apart in the hospitality industry.

“Beyond Green Key or any other green certificate, we believe that sustainability is a journey and a way of life. It is an ongoing process,” Boustany said.

“It also gives room to creativity, thinking outside the box, critical thinking and growing a sense of culture and belonging by believing in a greater goal, in the idea of wanting to leave the world a better place than how we received it,” she added.

Central to Poseidonia’s sustainability efforts is its Green Committee, comprising 13 dedicated members known as Green Ambassadors.

These individuals play a pivotal role in implementing sustainable practices, communicating the hotel’s vision to guests, and spearheading operational changes.

Boustany remarked, “Our Green Ambassadors are empowered to drive meaningful change and champion sustainability initiatives throughout the hotel.”

Two years into its sustainability journey, Poseidonia’s commitment and dedication were recognised with the prestigious Golden Medal “Golden Protector of the Environment” award for its outstanding contributions in 2023.

Boustany expressed pride, saying “This honour not only affirms our commitment to sustainability but also serves as a testament to the transformative power of collective action and innovation.”

As part of its sustainability roadmap, Poseidonia set ambitious targets for 2023, including the pursuit of Green Key Certification.

The hotel undertook a series of operational adjustments, product replacements, and data collection efforts across various facets of its operations.

The Poseidonia beach hotel in Limassol
The Poseidonia beach hotel in Limassol

“Our proactive measures reflect a holistic approach to environmental stewardship and community engagement,” Boustany said.

Poseidonia’s sustainability initiatives extend beyond mere compliance with certification standards. Innovative projects such as “1 Hour for Earth,” “#10minBC” Beach Clean-ups, and “Make Waves” Wall Installation showcase the hotel’s commitment to raising awareness, promoting community engagement, and minimising environmental impact.

“These projects demonstrate our dedication to sustainability beyond compliance and reflect our creativity, resourcefulness, and dedication to making a positive impact,” she said.

Additionally, initiatives like “Operation Soap 2.0,” “Let’SWAP” Clothes Exchange Programme, and “GAIA Terrace” underscore Poseidonia’s commitment to waste reduction, circularity, and sustainable practices.

We strive to inspire guests, staff, and industry peers to embrace sustainable practices and contribute to a greener, more resilient future,” Boustany stated.

From infrastructure enhancements to guest experience initiatives, Poseidonia embodies a philosophy of continuous improvement and responsible business practices.

Boustany also said that “by prioritising people, planet, and profit, we set a standard for sustainable hospitality, serving as an encouragement of inspiration for the industry at large.”

Poseidonia has established a strong framework for environmental management, attached by a dedicated sustainability policy and action plan.

The hotel meticulously calculates its carbon footprint, monitoring energy-efficient practices for guest occupancy.

Boustany, emphasised, “Hotel sustainability goes beyond trends; it’s a responsibility. We aim to offer guests a guilt-free experience without compromising on quality.”

Meanwhile, in terms of water management, Poseidonia has implemented water flow reducers throughout its guestrooms, significantly decreasing consumption while maintaining guest comfort.

Boustany said, “Controlled water flow is essential for sustainability, and we’ve made operational adjustments to optimise usage across the hotel.”

poseidonia beach hotel limassol cyprus mail lobby
The lobby of the Poseidonia beach hotel in Limassol

Furthermore, Poseidonia prioritises staff involvement, fostering a culture of sustainability through yearly training sessions and regular meetings with key members.

Boustany highlighted the significance of team engagement, stating, “Our team members are our biggest asset. In our sustainability journey, management positions itself as servant leaders, empowering our ambassadors to enact change.”

In addition, monthly meetings with Green Ambassadors cultivate environmental sensitivity and critical thinking among staff.

Guests are integral to Poseidonia’s sustainability efforts, with the hotel employing visual cues and handmade products to engage and inform them.

Projects like the “Make Waves” Wall Installation are educational tools that encourage guests to embrace sustainable practices and think innovatively.

In line with its commitment to sustainability, the hotel exclusively uses EU eco-label-certified cleaning products, ensuring environmentally friendly practices in housekeeping, kitchen, and restaurant operations.

Automation of dosing systems further reduces waste and promotes circularity within the hotel’s operations.

Poseidonia employs a comprehensive waste management system, encompassing weekly separation and weighing of different waste categories.

Innovative projects such as “Cook Cool Collect” and “BATT & LAMP” actively involve team members in waste reduction efforts, fostering a culture of sustainability within the staff.

Moreover, the hotel carefully monitors energy consumption, employing separate metre readings in key areas to track usage accurately.

Smart systems, including those controlling guest room energy and irrigation schedules, optimise resource consumption and contribute to energy efficiency goals.

Poseidonia Hotel’s sustainability journey, under Genia Boustany’s leadership, showcases a holistic approach to environmental stewardship and ethical business practices.

“Prioritising sustainability isn’t just a task; it’s our legacy,” Boustany said.

“Let’s lead by example and inspire positive change together,” she concluded.

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