Tech summit to spotlight Cyprus’ ICT progress

Tech summit to spotlight Cyprus’ ICT progress

Set against Cyprus’ rapidly growing role as a centre for technology and innovation, the 2nd Cyprus – The New Global Tech & Innovation Hub Summit is ready to draw international attention once again.

Scheduled for April 25 and 26, this international conference will take place in the heart of Cyprus, a country quickly establishing itself as a dynamic hub for technology and innovation.

Why Cyprus, you might ask? The country has been making significant strides in the ICT sector, contributing over 10 per cent to its GDP, and attracting a diverse array of tech professionals and companies from sectors such as FinTech, RegTech, Investment Management, Gaming, Media, and Entertainment.

Notably, these sectors are flourishing not just in Limassol, the initial core of this growth, but are also expanding into Larnaca and Nicosia.

This summit aims to showcase Cyprus as an ideal destination for business research, innovation, startups, and ICT companies. It will highlight the island’s numerous advantages, from its legal and tax frameworks to its robust infrastructure, quality of education, and enviable lifestyle, all of which make it an attractive location for corporations and their employees.

The conference will not only serve as a platform for networking and exchanging ideas but will also offer insights into the successful case studies of foreign organisations that have already established a strong presence in Cyprus.

Moreover, the summit will delve into discussions about the Cypriot government’s vision and strategies aimed at fostering a competitive and dynamic economy. These discussions will cover the legal and regulatory framework necessary for setting up businesses, the country’s appealing tax system, and the intellectual property regime, crucial for both local and foreign businesses.

The need for skilled human capital will also be a key focus, as technology-driven industries are nothing without a knowledgeable and skilled workforce. The summit promises to provide valuable perspectives on how Cyprus is preparing to meet these needs through its educational and professional training programs.

The conference will take place, at the Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa in Limassol, Cyprus. The event is designed for a global audience, including business owners and tech professionals operating in the fields of software development, financial technology, investment services, payments and electronic money, regulation and compliance, cyber-security, Artificial Intelligence, data management, telecommunication services, entertainment, gaming and media among others.

It will feature over 100 international delegates from diverse regions including the Middle East, CIS countries, Europe, and the USA. The summit will highlight Cyprus’ advantages in tech and innovation sectors, aiming to attract corporate services, tech multinationals, and startups.

In essence, this summit is a gathering of minds from across the globe, coming together to explore and enhance the technological landscape of Cyprus, making it an event not to be missed by those at the forefront of innovation and business growth. (Cyprus Mail)

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