Top 10 Business Chambers in Cambodia: Driving Business Connections

Top 10 Business Chambers in Cambodia: Driving Business Connections

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Cambodia’s growing economy and business-friendly environment have attracted significant interest from both local and international investors. To foster business development, several prominent business chambers have established a presence in the country over the decades.

The aims of most of these business chambers are to promote investment in the Kingdom and assist their members with navigating the complexities of conducting business in Cambodia and to offer benefits to those starting up and managing operations here. These chambers can play a vital role in connecting businesses, promoting trade, and facilitating networking opportunities and with an increasing number of business chambers operating in Cambodia (mainly in Phnom Penh), there are many opportunities to meet like-minded business people at chamber business events.

Most business chambers in Cambodia will claim to be independent non-profit membership organisations with varying degrees of paid memberships. In this article, we will explore the most popular business chambers in Cambodia that are worth considering joining.

Top 10 Business Chambers in Cambodia

Cambodian Chamber of Commerce (CCC)

The Cambodian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) is one of the largest and most influential business chambers in Cambodia. Established in 1995, CCC represents the private sector and serves as a bridge between the government and businesses and their primary focus is to promote and protect the interests of its members, facilitate trade and investment, and foster a favourable business environment. T

The chamber organises various events, seminars, and business matchmaking activities (as most chambers do) with the aim of networking and collaboration.

According to the CCC, it is the dialogue partner of General Department of Custom and Excise, General Department of Taxation and Phnom Penh Municipality Administration under the mechanism of Customs-Private Sector Partnership Mechanism (CPPM), General Department of Taxation-Private Sector Partnership Mechanism, and Phnom Penh Municipality-CCC Partnership Mechanism respectively.

CCC is also the sole organisation in Cambodia recognized by GS1 international to provide Barcode issuance to enterprises in Cambodia.

American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (AmCham Cambodia)

The American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (AmCham Cambodia) is a prominent business association representing Americanand Cambodian businesses and investor interests in the Kingdom since 1996.

AmCham Cambodia provides a platform for members to engage in policy advocacy, business networking, and knowledge sharing and actively promotes trade and investment between the United States and Cambodia and supports the growth and development of American businesses in the country.

AmCham also hosts events annually which include forums, webinars, business sector meetups, networking nights, and more.

European Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (EuroCham Cambodia)

Founded in 2011, the European Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (EuroCham Cambodia) is another leading business association which represents European companies and investors operating in Cambodia. 

EuroCham Cambodia aims to enhance European business interests, promote sustainable economic growth, and foster a strong EU-Cambodia partnership. They represent its members and European business interests in dialogue with the Royal Government of Cambodia, with the aim of developing a business and investment environment.

In addition, the chamber also provides a range of services, including business networking events, industry forums, and advocacy efforts to support its members’ business operations in Cambodia.

International Business Chamber of Cambodia (IBC)

IBC (International Business Chamber of Cambodia) offers services to help the Cambodian business community and its members to enjoy the market environment and offer guidance on compliance within the Cambodia legal framework.

Established in 1993, the business chamber offers regular networking opportunities and business updates such as general meetings & luncheons as well as invitations to workshops and conferences.

Their mission is to provide leadership in creating a forum for international and local businesses which have an interest in Cambodia and to promote policies, laws and regulations conducive to the development of the business environment.

Malaysian Business Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (MBCC)

MBCC (Malaysian Business Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia) established in 1995, aims to support Malaysian businesses and promote trade relations between Malaysia and Cambodia. The MBCC actively facilitates networking events, trade missions, and business development programs to enhance the growth of its members and strengthen economic ties between the two countries. 

The chamber also serves as a platform for Malaysian investors and businesses to navigate the local market environment and advocate for favorable business policies. 

Cambodia Chinese Commerce Association (CCCA)

Among the aims of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce – Cambodia Chapter is their aims to promote Cambodia to international investment opportunities and they hold regular networking events with members and other associations.

Their offices in the Kingdom have been established under the guidance of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia and approved by the relevant departments of the Royal Cambodian Government.

French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Cambodia (CCIFC)

Having formed in 1998 as the French-Cambodian business club, their growth saw them become the French-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce in 2000 and also became a member of the Union of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Overseas (UCCIFE) before formalising as the CCIFC.

Understandably, they aim to promote investment and trade exchanges between France and Cambodia as well as developing relationships between French and Cambodian business communities.

JBAC (Japanese Business Association of Cambodia)

JBAC (Japanese Business Association of Cambodia) was formed in 1992 and aims to promote mutual exchange and friendship among members and to offer a place for information exchange as well as developing commercial and industrial activities for Japanese represented business in Cambodia.

Representing Japanese businesses and promoting economic ties between Japan and Cambodia, JNAC also facilitates networking opportunities, business seminars, and cultural exchanges to enhance business collaboration and foster economic growth.

The chamber plays a vital role in supporting Japanese companies’ investments and operations in Cambodia.

British Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (BritCham Cambodia)

BritCham was founded as the British Business Association of Cambodia in 1995 and is also a founding member of the European Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (EuroCham Cambodia). 

BritCham aims to provide a forum for British Businesses and people with an interest in Cambodia to foster commercial and social relations with Cambodia but the chamber is not exclusive to British business people. 

The British Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia  organises business-focused events facing the business community and social events that bring the British community together to promote British culture in Cambodia.

Australian Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (AusCham Cambodia)

AusCham aims to help all businesses prosper in Cambodia andorganises business seminars and social events as well as gatherings and activities for people from all types of enterprises in Cambodia.

Established in the late 1990s, the Australian Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the development and support of Australians in Cambodia and of Cambodian businesses with an interest in Australia and membership is open to Australian citizens working in Australian businesses or on Australian projects in Cambodia, or with organisations that have a link to Australia. The chamber helps to promote responsible growth and a positive image of Australia throughout the Kingdom.

The business chambers in Cambodia play instrumental roles in fostering economic growth and collaboration between the business communities and between Cambodia and foreign enterprises and vice versa.

These chambers provide platforms for networking, business matchmaking, policy advocacy, and knowledge sharing, facilitating trade and investment opportunities for their respective member businesses. 

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