Tourism minister stresses importance of beach sustainability

Tourism minister stresses importance of beach sustainability

Deputy Minister of Tourism Kostas Koumis pointed out the imperative of preserving tourist hotspots, particularly beaches, at the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI) event titled ‘Beach without Plastics’.

The gathering took place at Kampouri Beach in Ayia Napa, drawing attention to the ongoing efforts to reduce plastic use in these vital areas.

“Beaches are undoubtedly one of our country’s comparative advantages—key drivers of the rapid growth experienced in our tourism sector over the past decades,” Koumis stated.

Moreover, he stressed the collective duty to support initiatives aimed at diminishing plastic pollution on beaches.

“The only acceptable goal is ensuring the sustainability of such destinations. Indeed, there is a pressing need to heighten awareness about these issues,” the Deputy Minister continued.

Furthermore, the minister highlighted the critical role of the industry’s active involvement and the vital importance of educating the younger generations on environmental stewardship.

Koumis was particularly enthusiastic about the participation of local schoolchildren from Athienou and Ayia Napa.

“The protection of the natural environment is a shared responsibility,” he concluded, applauding their engagement in the event

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